smrrfette's Odyssey
hey smrff, the perspective on this was bothering me, i redlined it so you can see what i mean. His face is goofy btw :D

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I must say I really like the color your using in your studies, it looks very believable.
I went to your DA and I feel like you should render your own work a tad more, they are supah sketchy and I feel like your trying to avoid some of the hard stuff ;D Your composition and set up are actually pretty good, so I wouldn't focus too much on that at the moment.

anda, what are daylight savings ;O?
Wow your thread is so inspiring ! Good job for all the improvement since the beginning of the year, it's awesome ! :O
I'm trying to get out of the study habit and make some stuff form imagination but it's still hard and frightening to me ; I will read the topic you were talking about some page ago. Thanks ! =)

Pardon my english.
Heeey I love this sketchbook! Can't believe this is my first time commenting here 0_0

I always love seeing someone working hard who makes me feel like a lazy shit lol, all those studies at the beginning of this thread are sweet, and you've already progressed a lot. Keep hitting it like you are doing and always try to push harder and you won't go far wrong. You have an energy in your work which is awesome too.

On a side note, it always sucks getting injuries, especially when it's in your drawing arm. One thing I would suggest, which I might, and sometimes do get slammed for is to exercise it often. That goes for anything really. Ever notice the majority of people who have bad backs? Their more often than not the people who spend most of their time sitting down at desks or never using them. When you stop using it, the muscles get weak and it's more open for injury. So yeah, stay healthy, it's super important, especially in our industry where we sit around all day ;p

Sorry for the lecture, I need to learn to stop dropping bullshit Bombs on people lol, or get out more, one or the other.

I'll be sure to keep an eye on your progress, your doing awesome so far, Keep it up!

I love your sketches. You have good brushwork and energy going on there. Keep it up!

Fedodika - ya, it sucks haha. But thanks for the notes, was just a really rough idea for a digi piece so I wasn't concerned about perspective too much ~

Yarrnick - hey thanks man ~ yeah I agree completely, that's one of my new goals - trying to push out pieces that aren't unfinished. Need to face my fears of unknowing! Also, daylight savings is the time of year where we lose an hour (at least in my eyes). For example, I usually wake up at 6am, but with daylight savings, it's already 7am. They first implemented it here because of something to do with the farmers having an extra hour of daylight... but it sucks. :/ my body still hasn't adjusted to the leap.

Virid Rain - aah thanks man :D haha, you've gotta fight those fears! You've gotta look 'em right between the eyes before you bitch slap the hell out of 'em!

Warburton - whoa, thank you man! Yeah, gotta keep pushing no matter what, even when the frustration is overwhelming (like right now)
aside from the past two weeks, I exercise every day (except for sometimes Sundays/Mondays) - it's apart of my deathline goals afterall :) and believe me, not having exercised in so long has really taken a toll on my motivation and has caused more... idk, stress? Than I've experienced in a long while D: so ya! I agree, going for a walk right after I post this! Thanks again and for your concern!

ramalooke - haha thanks ramalooooke! ^ ^

Not much to show at all.
Been fighting some strong mental battles this week (again haha, oh art! You so frustrating :D)
So just some sketchbook stuff (some are unfinished)

"finished" the zombie thingo:

and a "Cyborg Roller" design I've been working on. Thumbs and 1st rendered stage
I'm going to take one of the 4 rendered versions to a final look - any suggestions as to which you think I should?

Notes and stuff I've gotta work on in the present:
Starting to build some kind of visual library.
I need to be that bit more organised with my time, days go by so quick! (I still hate you daylight savings)
Forms, forms, forms.
Hands! I tend to avoid drawing hands in my drawings and it's driving me insane
gotta give my heads some weight - skulls. Need to be able to draw a skull from any angle >.>
personal pieces.

Oh and stop being a pussy. :D

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
KEEP SKETCHIN; for the silhouettes i like the double sword chick, it's got that kill bill look i love so much ;)
Fedodika - MWAHAH I WILL, SIRE :D oh awesome, many people I've asked like either 1 or 5, now with your choice it's back to a 50/50 stalemate xD aww yeaa, gotta love Kill Bill style c;

Man I'm so silly at (most) times

I knew I had life drawing today, so I went, but I forgot to bring sooooo much shit
e.g. my sketchbook!
Haha, goes to life drawing (or anywhere for that matter) without a sketchbook... *facedesk* first time that's happened and the last. But I managed to snag some A5 sheets from my friend, so it was all good. Though I was rusty as...

Could be because I was anxious for what was coming after life drawing... we watched

Jawdropping experience... absolutely breathtaking visuals and the story was simple, but oh so effective.


Anyways, skull studies,

tried to apply what I learned on a sketchbook page
Still need to be thinking about the "other sides" of the skull. I stupidly eyeballed the first 4... so mindless, girl.

Form and value quickies - after Thomas Eakins

Funny how much more I got out of the study when I sat down the second time and actually started thinking simpler. Simpler values, simpler brushstrokes. Interesting.

And a wip dude from the char generator before I left to life drawing
Trying to apply what I learned. Just want to render out his form and materials, not fussed about the BG.

So much to learn and appplyyyyy,
Bring on tomorrow o/

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Not much to show, my wacom stylus shat itself today... need to buy a new one from *cringe* here in Australia. (all of the overpriced ;_;)

Worked on this one a tiny bit right before the stylus died - RIP first stylus :'c

All about sketching!
Looked at a little bit of Loomis and tried to apply what I saw:

Need to focus on my main problems: finishing digital pieces and rendering forms.

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Wow, your figure work is so alive! Twisting, turning forms in space! The silhouette work in post 266 is really dynamic, and I like the designs. Are they on skates?

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Hey thanks for stopping by my sketchbook :D The volume of work you've done so far is insane! I thought I'd never reach the bottom of the first page. Great progress so far, your sketchbook pages have come a long way, keep it up!

Good to see you working hard smrr :)
I also have that problem where I tend to do a ton of unfinished drawings, but from this day onward I set myself a new rule, quality over quantity.
As always, keep it up!

Thanks for the comment! Sorry to hear about your tablet, that bites.

Sketches and studies looking really nice as usual! The gestures in the last post aren't working too well. What I think is All the parts of the figure, limbs and head and torso vs hips, should work together to make the pose tell a clear story and right now it feels like the different body parts are just going whatever way they feel and not working together to make a good gesture.
I like to look at this post when I get that problem:

and keep in mind that when the hips tilt the side that is pushed up is taking most of the weight, so its leg should be positioned under the middle of the body. The rule I learned is the inside heel should line up with the pit of the neck.
Cool stuff, looking forward to more! Those cyborg roller designs looked pretty cool :D

looking good i love the mech chicks you did! awesome sketches!
even though your tablet is out of order keep doing the traditional sketches!!

Awesome work smrrfette! You must have really been doing some hardcore drawing to make your wacom stylus crap out on you! :P

lot of movement in your work looking forward to seeing some more pencils. I hope you get your wacom pen replacement soon

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Tygerson - thanks man! Yep, they sure are :D

chromaTinker - no worries man, we're all in this together! I'll be checking back soon <: haha, yeah art hard or die trying x-) thank youuu!

crackedskull - yes! *hugs* You know my feeeeel! Let's keep at that goal, I'm certain we will pull through! Thanks you cracked!

Samszym - oh Saaaaaam much respect for the critz aaaaaand muchly appreciated--! I definitely agree, something I've got to work on badly D: but yes, thank you for pointing the flaws out, sometimes it's hard to see these things without a fresh set of eyes. Thanks again :D

marjoriedavis - aaaah ~ thanks Marjorieee :D ! Aye, aye captain! *salutes* <:

Eraiasu - haha yeah it literally split in half and it was as if it puked the microchip components out xD but I dunno about hardcore drawing lol ~ thanks Eraiasu!

nufftalon - thanks you nufftalon-! It should arrive in about a week *fingers crossed*

Thanks for dropping by guuyss <:

Alrighty, more pencils and pen stuffs while I wait for my replacement stylus, woo!
Been focusing on perspective these past couple of days, if not drawing - reading books and watching vids.

some leg studies, because legs are ridiculous

did some really rough thumbnail sketches of ideas for when I get my replacement,

sketchbook pages ~

Edit: scanners, i h8 u

Mmm, thinking I'ma challenge myself with trying to finish Sick's mentor class (something I've been putting off because I found drawing objects in perspective difficult *facedesk* it's all about facing your fears, right? >:c) well, whatever I can do in traditional media.

Le go tomorrow! Th_084_

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
i can definitely see a good work ethic smrrfette, keep it up!
Whoa! these are a lot of studies since I last saw this sketchbook! You're working like hell!
Too bad about the stylus, though switching to traditional for a while can be helpful :)
Keep up the peace, I want to see more of your finished stuff!

Seems like you're putting in a lot of work, which is good.
Too bad about the tablet issues, though.
The sillhouette thing you did is really neat, you're making me wanting to do something like that myself!


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