Eraiasu's Sketchezzz!
Hey Daggers!

I signed up yesterday after a good year of lurking and wondering if I should join in on the fun, and here I am! The last years I have been working shit jobs(shit in the context of what I don't want to work with). Art has been on the downside the last 12 months, but now its time for some serious arting!(if that is a word??)

I would love some brutal honest crits, make me cry! :D

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all here.

Ill start with a small sketch from this afternoon, other than that, there is more to come!

- Elias

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Here's a study of a jet, last one for tonight! Took about 2,5 hours.

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Hyyya! My back is hurting after working 6 hours on this sucker!

Mig 17 study. Trying to get better at hard surface/ vehicle stuff. :)

Time for more! Portrait study. Lots of wrongness going on in here. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to improve upon this, I would be grateful! :)

Hi guys! Just a quick dump for tonight!

Everything is from memory. Im trying to get better at mechanical drawing/painting and perspective etc.. So I started drawing more airplanes and space stuff.

Things from the last few days :)

See you later!

Hey guys, back with some more stuff!

I had some problems with this one. If anyone has any suggestions to how I can improve upon this? That would be cool :)

See you later!


very cool! lovely portraits and Character/Creature design!
I like your attention to detail when drawing hard-surface things, such as planes.
but I have one tip... just keep in mind the camera, and the way you place objects so that the design reads clearly. I find 3/4 downward views reads best for transport vehicles, and other mechanical hard-surface things.
Keep up the good work!

The details and commitment on your part is amazing. Keep at it and hammer on the fundamentals and you're set.

Hey everyone!

Been a while since my last update, so I thought it a good time for some fresh stuff!

Thanks for the nice comments :)

Last monday I decided to tackle my problems with hands! So now I'm doing 7 hands a day until I get better at it! My goal is 1000! So far I'm at 56 as of today.

Besides the hands there are some sketches and some studies.

Love your sketches! The hand-studies are awesome, I think I'll try something similar.. is it your own hand every time?

Hi Eraiasu,
Thanks for the kind words in my sketchbook. You've started off with some great work as well. Those hands are fantastic!

"... for drawing is a thinking person's art." - Walt Stanchfield.
Hey guys, time for some more real quick!

Kaffer: Exept for the first 6 hands, all are mine from life. I drew them either from my POV or from a mirror :)

JavierP: Thanks!

Just some random stuff

And this I painted at work on my iPad. The work I do contains a lot of waiting, great for drawing! :D WIP for now, will take it into photoshop for more polish!

S'more! :)

iPad sketches

Thanks for the reply in my SB. Will try to make quality pieces instead of fast doodles.
You have some great stuff here, loving the fashion studies and the linequality.

Thanks Crackedskull! :)

Today's catch!

Couldn't help to ask it, but do I smell some alexandré zedig diboine in here?
If that isn't the case, check him out, think you'll dig it!
Great studies, funny drawings, my eyes had some candy (: I especially dig the "be my friend robot".
As a tip, I'd say, watch the forms in your sketches. For example, in your last post the hip areau of the man, and the right breast of the woman seem a bit flat. i personally always like to use cubes for the ribcage and hip area, and build my drawing up from there. That might help (:

Oh, and because you said it was time for some serious arting, this might help ^^

Keep working!

really digging your work love the girl on the motorcycle has a lot of vibrancy to it

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so excited to see this sketchbook progress, keep up the work ethic
Hey guys! Time for some more fun! :D

Budgie: You are so right! I stumbled upon Alexandré "Zedig" Diboine a couple of weeks ago. Been hooked on his stuff ever since :D. Thanks for that link with the planner. I need to force in some (a lot) studies on my weak spots. So I started some of that today!

Nufftalon: Thanks!

BenFlores: Thanks man! :D

So! Started doing some perspective shit. I'm not good at it, what so ever. And my characters are starting to complain about not having worlds to live in. Something needs to be done! Drew some perspective for about an hour and a half.

Then I met some friends at a bar to just draw and have fun! :D Those sketches are from today's session. Sketches just sorta matched up and became totally wierd, but fun! Sorry about the crappy pic quality. I just hate scanning stuff. Takes forever!

Anyho, see ya next time :D

Here is some more!

Some fun sketches, studies and the skull thing is from memory. Trying to do apply stuff. If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do to improve on the skull, or, have any tips to what I can think about for future stuff. I would appreciate it! :)


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