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Ursula - Thanks Sula! I'll take the digital hug and get back to work, thanks again :p

ramalooke - will do man, and thanks for the words of encouragement dude. Best of luck for 2014 <3

happy new year daggers, here's my first completed thing for 2014. Jack frosts companion thing
[Image: jackfrostpet_zpsf3dbfa03.jpg]

and some wips for any interested ^ ^
[Image: wips_zps4bb469c5.jpg]

Dude that's sweeet

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Awesome updates mannnnn and happy 2014! You've improved so much, it's super inspiring to see. I really feel like this is the year many of us are going to make some big steps in terms of our art careers and development (knocking on wood). In reply to your earlier question, I used to work in an office full time and saved my wages for a long time so that I could quit and spend more time on the art stuff. It's probably smarter to maintain a day job like you are so that all of your eggs aren't in one basket, but it works for me so far. Keep up your badassery, you are seriously getting better each time I come by.


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I'm fond of the way you paint your forms! Just your painting style in general is pretty tasty to look at though.

Looking forward to more development, as far as I can tell you're on the right track :].

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Your colors are so niiiice. And I really like the way you render and detail your focal area(s) and let the other parts fade out...

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Ohhh shiii, already a finished piece! You crazy mo fo. WIPS are always appreciated. The colours are really nice too. That black and white sketch on the last page is killer.

Thanks so much for the paint over in my thread. It helped heaps and I will apply a lot of it when I start working on it again :P I wish I could give you a similar level of help, but I can't think of anything at the moment, so guess I'll just have to subscribe and see what I can come up with in future posts :)

Welcome to 2014, cant wait to see what you will do this year :)

heavenwill - Glad you think so man, thanks a lot :)

pnate - Thanks a lot mate, thanks for getting back to me on my question. I imagined you to be destroying it with full time freelance haha, I don't think you entirely know how good you actually are, which is kinda good in a way because it means you can keep improving and posting cool stuff xD All the best for 2014 man, super pumped to see how it turns out for us all.

mr toodles - haha, cheers dude!

Einver - Thanks man, it's strange how 'style' seems to come without you even knowing it. I used to hate the way I painted, still to do some degree but I guess its all part of the growing experience. Glad you like it though man, thanks again!

Lyraina - Thaaanks Lyraina, I'm happy you like this stuff, still need to work harder though, still long way to go ;)

Jaik - Cheers dude! I actually started it about a week before 2014 so it wasn't done that quickly haha ;) And I'm always glad to help man, especially for hard working ass kickers like yourself. I look forward to seeing your progression too man, lets make a deal to both destroy the work load this year and achieve some shit! All the best mate.

Just a little post this time, it's taken a few days to shake off the xmas bullshit. I tried world of warcraft out for a week which turned out to be a mistake lol 0_o That shit just doesn't go well with my obsessive personality. I deleted it before I got too deep luckily, so back to work now.

I also wanted to get something down which has been running in my mind for a while so this might turn out into an essay post again lol :/ A while back I remember posting my concerns about reaching limits and not improving anymore. How is it some people achieve so much and improve so fast while others don't? And with some awesome responses, self reflection and research I think I may have actually found an answer to that question.
For about 4-5 months now ive been going to the gym as well as doing the art stuff. It's strange how it's taught me much already about myself in this stuff too and you see the same patterns of some people progressing while others don't there too.
The answer is Pain. When you workout to advance and grow, you have to push the body to a level which is not used too. Your muscles scream with pain but your mind has to say "no" and keep going. Your body is a beautiful tool which is very good to adapting to its environment, so to match the surroundings your pushing it through it grows and evolves to accommodate that climate.
Now what you have to bear in mind, is the body doesn't want to change and doesn't like pain (understandably) and so the majority of us find a way to put ourselves in places of comfort and routine. It's only natural and its what's built into us. That's why most are content with working 9-5, sitting on the coach watching tv, growing fat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Even in our field of art, its easy to get into a routine where you find a comfort zone and never leave it. You just start going through the paces you've unknowingly laid before your feet and stop progressing. It's also why you grow and improve so fast at the beginning, because everything is new and unfamiliar so there's very few comfort zones to fall into. I mean that is the case for those who persist through the pain of failing and seeing your as dog shit. You see the pattern?
So, in my opinion based on this shit above, the way to keep improving and be a bad ass is to not hide or run from pain, but do the unnatural thing and embrace it. Force your mind to adapt and evolve and don't let yourself fall into comfort zones for too long, or you'll stagnate and smell like shit :p
With that in mind, my goals this coming few months are to tackle some stuff ive been hiding from, such as design, drapery and.......perspective.

hope this makes sense and helps. And sorry if it sounded preachy, always good to focus thoughts by writing it down Even in ramblings.
And some art of course..
speedies and doodles
[Image: plantcreature_zpsca2b9112.jpg]

I call this sketch piece "shit, too much black"
[Image: practicechick_zps491df52e.jpg]

[Image: orktrolldude_zps0e997da4.jpg]

[Image: stilllife_zpse8786553.jpg]

[Image: snowlandscape2_zps1a394319.jpg]

[Image: snowlandscape_zps3bc4b7e0.jpg]

[Image: face_zpsbcf1b44d.jpg]

[Image: faaaaceyourfaaaaacccccee_zps5196f2eb.jpg]

[Image: filmstills_zps3d2dbeca.jpg]

[Image: stillapply1_zps8443b8a1.jpg]

[Image: stillapply2_zps5fab2b0f.jpg]

more studies lines ps
[Image: figuressketches_zpsef16e731.jpg]

and something ive never done before. Graphic novel stuff, kinda terrible but was great for learning stuff
[Image: comicthing_zps1e13303a.jpg]

Dang, really inspiring thoughts Warburton! Thanks for sharing.
Studies and sketches look delicious, makes me wish I was painting and thinking about light more.

graphic novel thing looks cool! I think the third panel's throwing me off, it's crossing the 180 degree line i think. I'm imagining the scene as sort of a dialogue between the hooded due and the lady+bald guy, so there's an invisible line between them that the camera shouldn't cross. It's to the left of that line in the first 2 panels, then crosses to the right of the line in panel 3. Suddenly things are the reverse position of where they were, and it's sort of shocking and takes a second for the viewer to process, which interrupts the story.
I'd try putting the camera behind the hooded guy with the pedestal still on the right side of the image, more of a side shot. that would let you silhouette his action more clearly too.
Plus I'd reverse his arms in panel 1 and his hand in panel 5 to make it clear that the orb thing's in his right hand.
[Image: wgnnMH6.jpg]
Just a bit of storytelling stuff, hope that makes sense. Not sure if you agree, or disagree, or care XD

Whatever the case, keep rocking dude! Your hard work is paying off.

That's a good comparison with the physical workout and always pushing boundaries.. it really is easy to fall back in comfortable and familar patterns. Thanks for the reminder. ;) It might even be a good idea to make an event in the calendar (repeating every..couple of months or so) with the question "do you still work outside your comfort zone?".
Oh, and being afraid is good. Gives us opportunities to beat the fear and grow as a human.. and artist. :)

There's nothing like "too much black"! D: She's cute (and would probably hate being called cute, judging from her expression).

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Duuude! awesome post right here, agree with you 100%, reading this was the this the kick in the butt i needed.

Also, that "too much black sketch" is true, its too dark but you know what, it has awesome potential too, the way you are rendering and drawing. Potential to be Dungeons and Dragons stuff, really.
And really glad to see you doing some sequential art! :) we need more comics here haha.
I wont say anything about the storyteling since i'm an absolute beginner in that department, but i already like this story, want to know what all about.

Dear photobucket,

fuck you for wiping out my sketchbooks.

But in all seriousness does anyone know how to fix this without giving them monthly fees? Ive tried deleting and 3-4 months of work already but it hasn't lowered the 'bandwidth', which I'm guessing probably means its not coming back...

I can't see myself individually going through years of work and uploading over 400 images. So I don't know what the solution is. Still feels like a kick in the nuts either way.D:

oh, and here'd batman

man that sucks ,apparently if you download the photobucket app to your phone you can get 8gbs of space
Holy shit that sucks! I'm so sorry to hear that ;_;

My only suggestion is that you upload your new images to CD from now on D:
Though I'm sure there is a way to fix the issue.

All the best and keep your head held high o/

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Yeah, same thing happened to me a little while back. If it's the bandwidth limit that you hit, that's tied to the amount of views your images get, as opposed to the amount you have stored on their site. Each month you get a bandwidth allowance, and each time someone views one of your images, it uses a little bit, if you run out, then they hide your images for the rest of the month. Should reset soon enough. It's a bit of a ball ache though. In the end I bit the bullet and signed up for the cheapest tariff. It's a couple of dollars a month I think. Just to avoid the hassle it seemed worth it. I dunno though, it'd be better to not have to pay at all lol.

PS batman looks awesome :D

Oh man. Such a good post. This is something that I think about a lot as well. Its crazy how elusive quality life can be.
I think a part of it too is reacting to external stimulus, as oppose to exercising conscious dynamic output. I read in an art history book that true Renaissance men were those that had an unshakable will to see their visions come to reality, despite opposition.
I think people get stuck in patterns to have people think for them so much that they get used to it, i.e. trying to find a job vs. making one. I think what makes the idea of studying hard is progress, a lot of the time, is individual seeds you have to cultivate where you don't get the immediate gratification. A lot is our culture is geared towards satisfying that immediate need. Artists create their place in the world using moments like any other medium. I've still of a lot to learn as well, I can definitely empathize.
Good luck on your journey; definitely inspired me with this one!
-and your stuff rules and all that! ;D

Sucks that your skecthbook images are blocked because you got too many views. Batman looks good :).

eeem...umm, dear photobucket

[Image: 25959_original.jpg]

hey folks, Ive sent photobucket a couple of messages to ask for help and they basically want me to either pay or go fuck myself lol giving my advice on how to delete my account. So im going to give it a miss paying them any money haha.

If I can find the energy i'll try re-uploading some stuff from each month from 2 years ago
time 0_o

So the moral of the story is DONT USE PHOTOBUCKET They'll fuck you eventually and you'll end up paying monthly fees.

Not only this but ive hit one of those infamous walls again where I really struggle to find the motivation to get into this. In fact ive grown to resent it abit. Where once I turned to this as a source of excitement and joy and now feel doubt and anger when I paint, which makes it tough to give a shit with what im doing lol. Its so lonely too.
It feels like I'm doing something wrong, like I'm missing out on so much of life by sitting in my parents painting shit. I kinda want to travel and meet people, do things which are exiting and a bit dangerous, but that takes money, and I'm skint because I chose to do this lol.

Sorry for the self pity whine again, I share more in this sketchbook and with you guys than I actually do with anyone in my actually "real" life.

ben - Thanks man, yeah I tried that and it did nothing, photobucket just want money. Cheers for the heads up regardless man.

smrrfette - Cheeers mate, yeah ive learnt my lesson haha, just the add attachment thing is so much slower. Better than paying fees I guess. Cheers for the help man

Jake - Yeah man, I just wish they had given me some sort of warning sooner before taking them all down. Because surely the more images you have uploaded, the more views that makes towards you bandwidth limit, so I would have taken some down or stopped or something, I don't know. The frustrating thing is, is eventually your going to hit another bandwidth limit with the more views and images you upload, so the same thing is going to happen again. And the moment you decide to stop paying them, your whole sketchbook is going to be gone like mine. They've basically got you by the balls lol. Then again, I guess they've got to make money some how lol. Cheers for your help man.

heliux - That's an interesting read man, and I'm glad it resonates with you. I dropeed by your sketchbook and your stuff is awesome by the way, so keep killin it man. I like that vid too, never seen dune but it looks awesome xD Take what I say with a pinch of salt too man, because my moods are about as stable as bridge made out of matchsticks lol. Thanks for stopping by man!

ramalooke - my thoughts exactly dude haha. I should have just sent them that message :p



close up detail thing

selfie. I turn 27 on Sunday, wooooo....-_- got into that habit of doing these during Jan.

(01-23-2014, 07:53 PM)Warburton Wrote: Not only this but ive hit one of those infamous walls again where I really struggle to find the motivation to get into this. In fact ive grown to resent it abit. Where once I turned to this as a source of excitement and joy and now feel doubt and anger when I paint, which makes it tough to give a shit with what im doing lol. Its so lonely too.
It feels like I'm doing something wrong, like I'm missing out on so much of life by sitting in my parents painting shit. I kinda want to travel and meet people, do things which are exiting and a bit dangerous, but that takes money, and I'm skint because I chose to do this lol.

I know I don't know you, and I haven't posted much, but I wanted to say thank you. I haven't seen many people talk about this, and this is exactly how I feel. All my friends have careers, married, and more traveled than I. The thing that keeps me going is hope for the future, the understanding that others have succeeded going through the ropes I am going through, and knowing that no matter how much I hate the grind, nothing feels better than when making art goes well.

Thanks to these forums, I know I'm not alone, not really. I'm sure we can do this, and you're leaps ahead of the curve. Keep going man.

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