Pnate's Almost Daily Sketchbook
Hellooo Crimson Daggers. Long time lurker here :) I've been posting my sketchbook on CA for a while now, but decided to start posting here finally in light of some things involving you know who and you know what (in case you haven't read about it yet): Link

Anyhoo, I know the community here is awesome and I wanted to come join you fellas in our quest to get better. Hope I get to know and befriend some of you guys along the way.

Here's some stuff from today to get it started:

[Image: Ufqr7pd.jpg]
[Image: VJf7Xl0.jpg]
[Image: 7Gqr3RU.jpg]
[Image: obKo82h.jpg]

Sketches and studies

[Image: jRK59th.jpg]
[Image: KSeyG2V.jpg]
[Image: roFH28G.jpg]
[Image: taCuUJW.jpg]

Leg studies and application, and sketch

[Image: rnjfNJV.jpg]
[Image: JOJKTY2.jpg]
[Image: cjcrazP.jpg]

Study and application of muted skin tone faces, blahhh went way too red. Also, some 2 minute gestures

[Image: J1NCA24.jpg]
[Image: aPTA05K.jpg]
[Image: g4pO7zE.jpg]
[Image: l5aVb3h.jpg]
[Image: mfko6mm.jpg]

Great stuff, dewd! Both quality and quantity. With the ladypart studies, try to think about where you can add some harder edges, like in the cast shadows and whatnot so it doesn't get too airbrushy smooth looking.
Keep up the good work!

alexson - Thanks man! You're totally right about that, appreciate the crit. I should keep a better eye out for edge balance

Saw gangs of new york again recently...hence the sketch. and some heads!
[Image: jBrYI8Q.jpg]
[Image: Uu8WjQO.jpg]

quick screencap study and wip

[Image: DHb52m4.jpg]
[Image: j4J5vrC.jpg]

Limb studies and application, landscapes, fleshtone/figure study and sketches

[Image: 5mYGGFV.jpg]
[Image: EkILT9b.jpg]
[Image: a4PTzzd.jpg]
[Image: lOXtUhm.jpg]
[Image: ZQkmSez.jpg]
[Image: ApLLKJs.jpg]

Crow knight lolol. And environment study and sketch

[Image: 6C21bn4.jpg]
[Image: Tx4HwLH.jpg]
[Image: hHVQou5.jpg]

Really nice work so far man! Loving the landscapes and I like the way you've done those two portraits.

Nylelevi - Thanks dude!

More arms and a study

[Image: 74q2pXS.jpg]
[Image: 3THBgRC.jpg]
[Image: ia6b31n.jpg]

Just a couple things

[Image: oX65n3T.jpg]
[Image: fzszy1j.jpg]

Today was an environment kinda day

[Image: hvnWWml.jpg]
[Image: 98IODKv.jpg]
[Image: iQv7q1K.jpg]
[Image: rywPI3U.jpg]

Nice sketchbook :)

There's not much I can say really, it's just great!

Prospass - Thanks!

Some more poses from:
Probably one of the best stock pose resources ever
[Image: qq8PxKV.jpg]

Thanks for posting that poses link in here! I had never heard of that stock account, but it is extremely useful! Keep up the practice!
RockOnGuy - No problem! Glad it's helpful

Quick WIP. Going to start bloodsports now so I'll come back to this guy later

[Image: VqZYLs9.jpg]

Some stuff in between bloodsports

[Image: W2grtMq.jpg]
[Image: WB5l3e8.jpg]

[Image: SFrv0Er.jpg]

My bloodsports entry :) What I've been working on this whole week haha. There are parts I wish I could have polished more but I have no one but myself to blame for poor time management. Next one will be better!

[Image: ZrJzMMm.jpg]
[Image: FimZcgF.jpg]


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