smrrfette's Odyssey
wow, the last few faces are sooooo prettttyyyyyyy *stares* I love this sketchbook, shows so much work, it's really an inspiration :)

The world is moved by illusions.
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Marla - could be more though ;_; haha, thank you Marla! Keep up the great work!

Samszym - whoa. Thanks Sam! All of the blushing... all of the blushing I tell you! ><
I could work harder though - and I and plan to! ^ ^

devin - I may have peed a little c': thank you devin--! Made my day haha.

Spent the day researching like a mofo again.

I wrote out my NYR's and Art Goals as well (I know, a bit late) and also looked over my DEATHLINE. Not failing too badly in that department in terms of goals. I mean, my Deathline's mid-point is February 1st. Either way, gotta re-evaluate my approach to learning and outlook on life. I slacked off a great deal toward the end of 2013-now in lifestyle choices and discipline related to study; hence why I spent the day writing out my goals for this year and doing some personal research.

Anywhooo, I did say I was gonna upload my sketchbook everyday or so help me, Hex!

So before I murder me some hay, here's a rough sketch I pulled outta mah butt while listening to some music. It's a rough, rough sketch - so I don't expect anyone to understand what's going on really o_o and that's k. I know what's happening. I plan on turning this into a finished piece some day soon.

Night daggers, lets keep at it!

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
So, it was 13 01 14 today.
The date I started up my NYR goals + art goals (continuing with my DEATHLINE + a couple more).
It's a date to remember, girlie.

Couple of faces, anatomy of the head and fashion studies from hel-looks

Gonna apply these for sure tomorrow.

Also gotta learn how to paint. Mmmhm!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
I really like the edges that are coming out from your pencil works.

I think you should get some vine charcoal if you don't have some already. You will also want a shammy and a variety of erasers. I think the beauty of your edges will really shine in charcoal.

But I for one, adore your lines.
Great improvement.

Your portraits are very beatiful and I also adore the pencil lines. Your speedpaintings
(why is almost everyone using the term spitpainting nowadays? not in this sb - but I read in the forums very often) are also coming along.

But I think you should spend more time on one piece, like you did with objecte 1 for
the danger squad. Look at the assignments of FZD students. They create 5-6 big project pieces
in almost 2-3 months (and maaany sketches of courses plus art direction).

And dont forget to take some breaks -
best wishes
smrrfeettttttttte! here i thought you (and other daggers :p) might enjoy these interesting articles on color; they really opened my mind up! If you know this stuff already then i feel boohoo :(

But values are alwaiz averything :D WisecrackerWisecrackerWisecracker

Lines lookin, real hawt btw In love

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
those last batch of heads is looking a lot stronger than the previous! :D

I think its great to have specific goals to work towards. Do you follow a schedule as well for your practice? That also helps me a ton personally!

and yeah.. what construction said.. more time on one piece is also a good idea! do everything.. never get too comfortable! That's something I always gotta tell myself! :D

Jarrad - Woo! Thanks, Jarrad! Here and there - I used to follow my schedule like a machine, but as time has passed, I've learned to adapt and use that schedule as only a rough guideline for how the day should pan out. It's up to each individual in the end :) gotta find what works - and that's great that it's working out for you!
Oh and yeah, I agree! I need to bust out some finished pieces... especially I feel uncomfortable about doing it!! I'm currently researching and finding ideas for my next piece. :) thanks for dropping by!

Fedodika - Fedodikaaaaaaaaaa--!
Oh I saw that post on the sexiness of greys a couple of months ago actually ^ ^ it's beautiful <3 learned so much from it! But yeah that tute on colour was an interesting read. Thanks for the links :D
and oh yaa! Values mayn, dem values. Can't get enough of... dem values. ;)
Hmm :/ one day I'll be pleased with my draftsmanship ~ not today though! haha

constructicon - Hey! Thanks constructicon! Your post really re-opened my eyes, y'know? Definitely gotta work on doing more finished pieces; I've been meaning to, don't get me wrong. Just needing the right inspiration ~
Haha my speedies/sketches are crap in my eyes because I never have a gameplan - an idea. I just scribble around and some random thought pops into my head. Idk, I've been struggling with my ideas lately ._.
And yeah... shiiiiizen! Those FZD students... they're absolutely insane! But I respect each and every one of them.
Thanks again for the comment, +rep :D
oh and they call their speedpaints "Spitpaints" in regards to the Daily Spitpaint Group over on Facebook. :) It's a really great group I'm going to involve myself in when I learn how to paint ~

Spiffy - Hey thanks Spiffy! Haha I would love to for sure - but I'd have to rid myself of my sketchbook first (worst grade copy paper ftw!) thanks again and for popping by :D

Today: so much for fully applying those studies haha:

I really should spend more time on my sketchbook pages - focus on proportions and fashion.

A wip of an observation study. Mostly posted it because I wanted to double-check if anything was off.

And a wip of a Bourgeureau study:

Gotta think of ideas for a finished piece, hum.

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
I know it's difficult trying to get inspired and doing research is a definite must, but these things can easily become excuses more often than not for not pushing forward, promoting procrastination and causing stagnation. One of the arguments between choosing a design/art school over self directed study is that institution leaves no room for slowing down: there are assignments that NEED to be done at a specific date at a level of quality regardless if you are inspired or 'ready'. If it isn't for the grade then it is for damn sure trying to get your money's worth. A valid argument, don't you think? When you were participating in Noah's art class, in a structured environment, during the imaginative study week YOU. WERE. KILLING. IT. I honestly think it was because you had no room to over think things due to the courses intensive study regimen. Try to pull that same level of devotion from your bum and really push to meet your goals. February is right around the corner...instead of slowing down, I would imagine this is where you begin your sprint.

I'm sorry for completely ignoring personal factors, such as LIFE...but hey, ya know, those are the worse kinds of excuses.

Mannyhaatz - yep, you were right! You know, I know and that's all good to know :D let's kick ass and chew bubblegum, Man ;)

Not much to show, but a lot went on today; created objective 3 for DANGER SQUAD - and decided on my idea after many thumbnails that'd only make sense to myself. I went from an original piece to choosing to re-invent an 'old' IP (it's not that old :P).
I chose Rayman 3. That's alllll I'm gonna say.
Quite excited to get working on it though!

So here are some thumbs,

and uh, a reverse-o sketchbook page as I call it... aka black paper. Working from dark to light as opposed to light to dark is difficult, yo! Especially without an eraser, omfg. But I really, really want to keep working on this kind of thing. Though it would be better to use chalk... mm. We'll see! All I know is - it was hella fun sketching in reverse, like painting, really.

These kinds of sketchbook pages will get better... just need to open my mind

Tomorrow's the last day 'til the houseboat for the weekend - so, it's drawing-only over this weekend, and not much work on the DS task 'til Monday. And then I'm MIA for Tuesday and Wednesday night... D: but then, I'm back in the digi painting game. All I know is, I'm gonna rage if I can't update my sketchbook due to no internet this weekend haha


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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
So much ugh! Gotta get better. Gotta keep working on those stupid weaknesses!! Think lady, just breathe and think.

Morning sketch (which I should have spent more time on). I should do more of these, but actually try and make something that looks good >.>

A nose study for objective 3

sketchbook page, blegh. Could do so much better. And I will keep trying to do better!

and a silly sketch before bed.

Last day with my tablet 'til the weekend's over. Going on the houseboat and whatnot ._. - hoping to get a lot of observation studies and sketchbook work uploaded while away for the couple of days, even if I have to use my bro's phone to upload it all.

Can't wait to actually get into the objective. Can't even wait

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Dat sketches, dat marks. love <3 i'd love to see some more digital stuff that's acctually more refined. i can see big improvements in your drawing so i bet your digital skill become even more awesome ;) Keep it up! ;3

ramalooke - hey thanks man, always appreciated and yessss! That's my first goal when I get back

Okay. Shit update is shit. But hey, I said I'd upload no matter what.
Will make sure to sketch more while aboard the "Big Bickie"

Night daggers

P.s. my Bros phone's camera wanted to gloat about it's quality... Even though it might not have the "best" quality. Mwahah. Apologies.

Edit: thank Hex for ImageShrink Lite

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
I can't believe that I stayed up all hours of the morning trying to upload this poopla on my bros phone and failed, and so I woke up at 6AM today and used my brick of a phone (that is generations younger) and it manages to do it in half the time and succeeded. Hah, stupid internet and phone service.

This photo is so terribad. I'm going to scan the image when I get back.
Some photos from this morning while waiting for my phone to find reception :

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Woah cool place to be, looks like you are having fun. It's weird seeing pictures of Australian places on the internet. With the amount of artists I find around here, it feels like I am the only one sometimes. Even though I know of several in CD, its a bit strange xP

If ytou have time, try combining some imagination stuff with the observational stuff, i.e. add a castle, dragon, or something.. Maybe try and give Australia a cultural history >.>

Keep up the good work Smrr and enjoy your time away :))))

First: Thank you so much for looking at my sketchbook and commenting!

And your sketchbook. WOW. Just wow, I'm loving it, so much improvement to see here and so much work! Very inspiring, keep up the great work! :)


Jaik - haha hey thanks Jaik! That's a really cool idea, should definitely try it out and lol that'd be about right... Give Australia some kind of cultural history hahaha. And whoa, I thought it was only us two who were the Aussies 0_o awesome

Cyprianus - No worries man, keep pushing harrrd! Face fear everyday :D but wow thanks, that really means a lot!

Gotta show something everyday, the was the deal... So I did this poop using Sketchbook Pro on my Moto Defy while we were on our way back

It's not anything special, but it's at least something. It's just a 123 read of a planar form - ty Scott Robertson. Can't wait to get back into failing at skin tones. Failing is good in this sense. I can't wait to pour my mind into imaginary pieces and failing so I know what to focus on!

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Maaaaan, your pencils are really improving at light speed here. And it never stops. IT NEVER STOPS. NEVER STOP

Longjh - haha one day.... One day... But thanks for the support Long! ^_^ will be swinging by your sketchy soon :)

Blah, lots of errands to run and life stuff. Either way, gotta fit at least something in a day - No matter where I am or how little time there is. No excuses

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Wow cool to see you working so hard, your pencils got amazing from when I last saw.


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