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Greetings, shopkeeper, how much for those jugs... on the shelves behind you?

Bah, I had to, I'll stop, I promise:)

Anyway, this seems like it's going fine:) Maybe you could flesh her out a bit with saturation/value range, compared to background, or maybe you were already planning on doing that later...

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Thats! Thats the chick! The chick from twilight princess right? fangasms... If you start over, I would extend the canvas a little and add that pompous ass looking cat standing on the bar next to her.. Might add a nice secondary focal point?
Keep up the good work sula :D Looking forward to seeing more!

reminds me of someone from twilight princess; the lady that had a crush on link lol

@Doolio: haha please don't xD Yes, I love my old-school RPGs haha! <3 Even if twilight princess isn't school, it does have all the feelings attached to it hehe. And yep, she is going to far more contrast-y than the background, working on that!

@Jaik: YES! I was silly for even trying to draw Telma without her Louise hehe. <3

@Maany: hahah yessss it is her! Telma is awesome. She did have a weird motherly like crush on link, like, if she had a daughter, he'd be allowed to date her, you know... ..and that IS a crush in itself I guess hahah

(I just noticed they have matching color chokers and that is soo cute hahah)
[Image: Telma-03.jpg]

Ooh that's looking cool so far! Love the complacent look of the cat.
Shouldn't the woman's right ear be pointing a bit more... backwards though? Or be placed a bit higher?

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Oooh nice catch @Lyraina :D Thanks!
Tried to quickly fix it, going to check if it was enough tomorrow :)

Aaaand update!
[Image: Telma-04.jpg]

Yes, she is, as a matter of fact.
@Pearwood: heheh <3

Update! Need to finish the counter and polish up details :) Tomorrow should be done!
[Image: Telma-05.jpg]

Quite the pair of cats.
<3 this looks awesome.
Only thing (doesn't really need fixing but maybe think about it in the next illustration) is I can't really tell what she is doing with the envelope. At the moment it looks as though she is just resting her fingers on it. If that is the case, then it doesn't really serve the story of the image and is just a superfluous detail that may confuse viewers (or at least stupid ones that read too much into things like me)
She may be pushing it forward, or pulling it back, which would make sense. I always saw Thelma as someone who does shady deals. Saving Hyrule, pfft, she probably runs a brothel or a 'security' service.
Anyway.. If that's the case, exaggerate the action by another 20%, which is a good rule I learnt from I think Dan (though I struggle to apply it sometimes)
On the other hand you could go something like this except still in her pose
Get some foreshortening all up in thur and have it like someone just bought information off her (also plausible given the character) and she is nonchalantly handing over the envelope.

Sorry if this comes across as a little pretentious.. I worry offering advice to people better than me.. Take it or leave it, it could be all wrong :D

Awesome painting nonetheless :D

Amazing... *bow bow* if my fanarts can be at your level, I'd be in heaven. I'm glad you're posting WIP shots there, showing some of the steps. It helps others to learn to paint too, and not see the line art to painting as some indecipherable, giant, magic leap. And then, I think you're going to do that already, but the cat's paws need some ambient occlusion there.

Great illustrations as usual Sula, love seeing the updates.

The shopkeeper is so striking! I would not mess with her. Or her cat. The cat really adds to her personality. The whole thing hints at a legit looking front for fencing stolen goods, or a smuggling ring. Not a weapon in sight, but you feel like there's probably a few somewhere you can't see.

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@Pearwood: they are both amazing and fun characters <3 Love em!

@jaik: oh whoa, awesome feedback man! Thanks. Not pretentious at all, feel free every single time you feel like! And yep, that is an AWESOME reference. I can't really fix it now (this painting did have a deadline), but I will definitely keep that in mind for the next one! Thanks <3

@meat: Ooh thanks man! And feel free to ask any question at any time :) I tried to add a bit more shadows in it :o
@Crackedskull: thanks you <3
@Tygerson: Haha Telma is awesome. She is secretly saving the realm, is the most shady way possible haha! It's very amusing.

The final version, since today was the deadline:
[Image: Telma.png]

I think it's awesome:) I like how you separate planes on a surface.

Do you smudge or you simply pick-and-paint until it's smooth? For example, on the face. And what opacity you generally use, since you have pretty good saturation, I always lose it in blending?

If I have to point out something, it would be the perspective with the cat and the envelope. The table seems to be in different perspective if we look how cat touches the surface and how the envelope does it. Maybe I'm tripping though...

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Great work again Ursula! I'd love to see more Zelda stuff, you do such a great job on it. Perhaps more from Twilight Princess? :D

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HOLY WOWZERS! Loving that last painting! Especially the cat! :D
Loving your style too. Don't really know what to say, except : wow that is one shiny table! :)
@Doolio: Oooh nice catch about the perspective. I knew I was into trouble pasting the cat there afterwards haha! And nope, I don't use smudge - and pick and paint :) I have been using a lot of lasso and gradient too. I don't use opacity, I just use it on the pen pressure setting. I have been using a lot of flow pressure too.

@Zeisul: Midna perhaps? YES? :D Thank you <3
@Mannyhaatz: haha thank you! Yay for wrinkled paper :p
@Othrandir: YAY Thank you man <3

I promised to show the stuff I was up too, even if failing. Having trouble with a sketch for a client, so took a hour off:
[Image: Salvaged-Sketch-68.jpg]

Quote:And nope, I don't use smudge - and pick and paint :) I have been using a lot of lasso and gradient too.
Wow, that's like nuclear physics to me:D

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