Environment Design Mentorship call for interest
Impressive initiative, count me in! my main focus is on anatomy/characters but I've got a feeling this is a choice I won't regret. I really hope you see that you are already motivating a lot of people! I'll cross my fingers for your teaching journey to be successful. And to motivate you I can already assure a weekly or monthly donation that equals the membership fees of other websites. 

Best wishes!
This is another reminder to fill out the sign up form, if you haven't already.  Because of the numbers of people involved, it will make things a lot easier for me (and you) when it comes to getting this whole thing to work as smooth as possible.

I have been looking at my schedule and I am aiming at a tentative start date of 20th September. I will confirm closer to the date. Looking at my content 7 or 8 weeks looks about the right amount of time as well. I am going to try and strike a fine balance between making sure the fundamentals are covered for the less experienced and making sure that more advanced people get a refresher and a good workout as well!

As a little teaser, here is a sped up video of a quick sketch (1 of 5 for the brief) I did for a client recently. you might recognize it from my first post. It was 30 mins condensed down to 5.  And in case you were wondering, I use Krita as my painting program. Opensource all the way baby!

@voss: Cheers mate, glad to see a few Wellingtonians up in here! :)
@MehdiVdc: I'm glad you are feeling motivated already! 
@ everyone else I haven't mentioned: You guys are awesome, I'm glad to have you on board.

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Hey Amit, thanks for the demo. This is promising.

It's gonna be awesome!

Hey, Amit, this is great, thanks so much for putting this all together! Are you going to be posting assignments and stuff on this thread? I'm not sure if I'll be available to join in when this starts, but I'd love to follow along and perhaps do my own work independently on my own time.

Thanks Aumes
@ZombieChinchilla, I will be starting a new thread in the Mentoring>Classes section. Assignments will be posted there and this is where people will be posting their work and helping each other along the way. My crits will most likely only be streamed or recorded and posted, but I will keep them hosted online so they will be viewable at any time afterwards.

Some weeks will have demos and maybe me babbling incoherently. For the demos I probably won't be hosting them online publicly and might instead send private links to people who have signed up. So please sign up using the form anyway if you want to get that material for later.

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Great demo Amit! It increased the excitement for the lessons. Really looking forward to this. Cheers!
Okay, great, I submitted the form! Thanks again for doing this, Amit, it's selfless artists like you who take the time to help and teach others at no cost to them who really make the art world go round, and I really don't think I can say enough how much I appreciate it! Can't wait for it to start.

I'm really interested in this, so I hope that I 'get in'-- If there's a limit, haha. Grin

I don't have a lot of environments that I've worked on, though I've done some work.

It's not up on my sketchbook here, though. I think it will be good for me to get some more experience with perspective and big picture work. And, who knows-- This might be something that I'd want to specialize in.

I'm not really at a point where I have my own style, or a lot of personal work-- Just studies. This should be good initiative for me to try something new and flesh out everything.


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Count me in for sure. Just filled out the sign up form. Thanks for doing this!

Hey there Amit! First off I'd like to thank you for what you're doing. I hope i am not late, I will undestand if you can't do it for everybody because of time and people.

My name is José, Landscapes is something I've not done so many times, but I will do my best for sure.

Again, thank you, Amit!

Hey guys, so we've hit 41 people signed up! That's phenomenal! It also means I totally will be rejigging how I thought this would run. Just giving 10 minutes of crit to each and everyone each week, would take me almost 7 hours or 1 full working day.

So,while the challenge is accepted, I have to trial a few ideas which I will make known as we get closer to the date (i.e. when I've figured it out). I still want everyone who gets involved to be able to get direct attention from me in some form, so rest assured I am working towards that goal!

I hope you're getting pumped, because my aim is to whip you guys into environment creating machines! :)

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Awesome, thanks so much Amit.. 41 ..wow, that's larger than your average classroom.. o.0

damn it amit youre on fire. i like that. im definitely pumped up. because i can feel this mentorship will make my skills improve in unfathomable levels. for the collaboration and the goal of giving direct attention to your apprentices is your top priority.

i have high hopes that this experience will be crucial for my developement as a qualified freelance artist. so i really cant wait.

I keep seeing this thread update and go "Shit! I haven't had internet for weeks, have I missed the start?!" And then see we're still getting people. Phew.

Maybe for critiques you might have an artist take half and each week alternate with them. It's a commitment but eight to ten sessions of 41 critques in one day on your own is pretty crazy.


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I'm totally down for this! I'm just fresh off the boat here at CD! Can't wait
What a wonderful Initiative! aspiring artists like us will be immensely benefited.I am so into this one!

Hey, My name is Gunnar. I've been stalking this community for a while but never decided to jump in for some reason. There are a lot of things I'd like to take away from this course..

Edit: Posted the actual images, but I'll just give the link to my site so I'm not cluttering things.

43 now.
@Gunnar, no problems mate, it was nice to see images directly. All good either way :)
@KurtJeremy: thanks man, hopefully, it will be useful for everyone! Since I am testing things out myself for the first time, and coming up with more structured content than I am used to, it will be a learning experience for me too!
@Punk: No worries and it sure is! There will be no chewing gum in class. :P
@Rotten: I'm going to try and handle it myself this time if I can because I want this to be a sustainable endeavour for me. I do have a couple of people in the wings who have generously offered to crit as well and I will totally hit them up if I need to.

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Brand new here, but I'd really love to participate in this!
Awesome sauce :D


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