CoreyH new SB
New sketchbook for hopefully a new mentality towards my studies

This weekends shenanigans

Todays stuff after work
Not enough hours in the damned day

Hey man, Thanks for dropping by. Nice work you have going on here. You are trying to work on a lot of areas at once so that's cool to see.

I'd say be careful when drawing your forms, for the most parts your drawings are missing vanishing points.

I made a post yesterday on another forum which is pretty applicable to what you are doing, so give it a read, it might help.

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
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OtherMuzz - Thanks heaps man, that post was super helpful. I've been trying so hard lately to fix my forms. I feel like it's one of my absolute weakest areas and it's holding everything else back entirely. So that was super useful! Bought Scott Robertsons and Michael Hamptons books to try and help rectify it too, hopefully I'll see some progress.

From Today:

Crappy stuff :(

Had a super busy weekend -_-

Todays stuff

Hey man! Good to see you doing all the perspective stuff, that should help out a ton.

I think maybe with the gesture sketches you should try and nail down a solid construction method for them as they seem way too floaty and not controlled at all. Loose is good, floaty is not. It's a hard balance to hit.

With the faces you need to really try and break the shape language and proportion biases that you are using, while you are drawing different faces you are using the same shapes and it becomes a problem when you want to try and truly draw diverse features. I'd recommend trying to draw a bunch of different races and try and work out what face shapes go with what race.

Keep it up!

Drawing out of perspective is like singing out of tune. I'll throw a shoe at you if you do it.
Sketch Book
i dig all the studies, and the little mechanical things
OtherMuzz - Hey thanks heaps for the suggestions man. The construction of gestures is definitely something I'm actively working on, I'm starting to piece together a method slowly I think. I'll keep it up for a few more weeks and see if I get anywhere with it, if not I'll go looking for more specific construction methods.

Agree 1000% on the faces too. I tried a bit more today with these faces, but only gave myself 3 minutes each. I'm going to up to study time tomorrow to 5min~ on each one and see if I learn more. At the moment I'm just tossing around different study methods.

Thanks heaps for the advice you've given, it's been incredibly useful!

ones - Thanks bro :D

Not much today. I've been doing 2 hours of 3d study after work for the past couple days, which is cutting into my sketching time. It's all theory so far (doing a course) hopefully I'll be able to start posting some practical stuff from it soon.

Doesnt look like much, crate took forever! Hand painted. I want to call it a WIP because I know I could add more, but I think I'm just going to move on with the course :)

The constructions of anatomy are so hard for me. Much practice to be had

couple studies and trying to apply the knowledges

wow ! corey thank you so much for your kind words. Love your sketches. I can see all the effort, blood and sweat you put into your work. Keep doing that!
constructicon - Hey thanks man!

Some stuff from tonight, have a couple pencil sketches I need to scan tomorrow too

An impressive start to your new sketchbook. Love those portrait drawings.

Hey man, thanks for checking out my sketchbook! I can see you know a thing or two about nailing a portrait with values : ) The one above is beautiful!

I got nothing to add, just keep killing it : )

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Craig - Thanks man! :)
Jyonny - Hey thanks! I still have a looonnngg way to go with them but Im glad I could be of some help

horrid attempt at the CHOW :(
Need way more time, will try start the next one sooner

Lots of hard work and dedication in this SB! I love your latest CHOW! Keep up the pace, and you are bound to succeed!

Great start to a fresh sketchbook :) And nice take on the CHOW topic! The values, colors and edges look nice, especially for the super short turnaround you had haha

Wow thats a really good strong start to a new sketchbook!

I really like the colours in the purple eyed girl!

Keep up the good work! :)

Dennis - Thanks bro! Glad you like it

Newbarrick - Thanks. You made.. an incredibly good point, I facepalmed so hard when I read this. I think I paint faces because even though I'm not great at them, they are definitely more comfort zone. I'll take your suggestion and try to draw more bodies from life instead of faces. Thanks heaps!

pnate - Thanks :) I'm starting the next one now, so hopefully it turns out a bit better haha. Will have a chance to actually explore the topic a lot more, excited!

Jaik - Thanks man!

Sorry for the kind of crappy update. Had freelance work to do after I finished work.. and family came over.. excuses excuses and all that :( Should be finished with the extra work soon, then I'm not going to take on anymore so I can 100% focus on studies in my spare time

Also the pages that say 'no ref' means the entire page is not reffed, trying to apply ma studies


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