Beginner looking for critique/paintover Update.1
Hey Chicken, great to see another step of your journey!

I would argue that How to draw book has some info on how to design too (although I highly recommend Skillful huntsman as well). It's thumbnail sketching for environments on p.112-118 of How to draw, visual research and exploratory loose sketching sections in airplane chapter, process with steps on p.157-158 (design goals, analysing brief, simple side view drawings). Same concepts can be applied to designing characters,props, etc.

Amit pretty much answered your questions, just some more info that I heared from another pro artist here.
You most likely heared of Anthony Jones who's quite a successful concept artist/educator, one of those guys who can paint a readable character from scratch in like 20 minutes. He said that when he learned he practiced drawing/rendering aka technical skills and design at the same time, which I also think is a good thing to do. Here's a good vid by him on how to study, if you haven't seen it already .  In some other tuts he recommends doing 20+ mins speedpaintings/ drawings right after a study to apply what you learned.  But it can be frustrating and counterproductive for people lacking experience (often an issue for me as well), so I would second Amit's advice that you can do your own work slowly and mindfully.


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