WIP Siege of Edenia
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Hi guys, need some feeback so i can push this to the limit:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=3713]

Help me find the 100 mistakes before finishing it!

Hey man, glad to hear you're willing to find the problems with this. I'd say overall that this feels like a perspective exercise with a plot element than an illustration. Compositionally, what I'd presume is the main focus of the leader leaving the tent is far off to the right with no real draw to him. And he's contending for equal space with the city. I can't tell the mood or narrative of the picture. Do I want these dudes to take the city? Are they winning or losing the siege?

As I said, this feels more like a perspective exercise. I can see the city took you a while, and it shows, looks quite tight. But the big thing that shows it is that the armies, and all the people atop the hill are stood isometrically inside the perspective grid, as if they can only move on a square grid. This looks really unnatural and really drains a lot of character from the image. I mean, yeah, technically the perspective is correct, but you should use the perspective of an image to reflect the mood of the piece. You could have had a shot from a low perspective of this leader looking over this city, and that'd really convey this sense of power.

I feel that choosing what you want the piece to be about is the first step here. I'd personally make the city much smaller and atmospherically faded, and really enlarge and move those guys more towards the center. And be sure to stick to the rule of thirds. This will mean we're no longer split down the image on what we're supposed to be looking at. I'd break some of the griddy-ness up and try and bring the image to being much more about the conquerer. Running a siege is an incredibly powerful thing for someone to do, and I feel that it should really show.

These are all potential fixes to the image, and I hope they work for, but like I said, with this kinda image I'd definitely have approached it in a different way from the start. Still, finish it, learn from it.

Hope this helped!

Now that's what i call a feeback. Will try to do it man, this is a perspective exercise indeed so i actually didn't apply any knowledge of composition (mostly because the lack of knowledge :P).

Will do all the changes you said and upload it again. Thanks Sam!


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