Terran it up....ehhh
I'm Terran. Let's paint...let's paaaaaaaaaaaaaainnnt.

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the wine glass in the end looks amazing, keep posting !!
also u can use a scanner, at first i used my phone to take pictures, then used a scanner, BIG difference
Thanks, Glaysa.
Even with a scanner and some value manipulation they still don't come out clearly.


shadows, skintones, and the lips are all off. Not looking forward to lip studies. X[

You seem to have good edge control on your digital work one thing I'm seeing though is that your work is quite flat, the forms are not reading as 3D objects, I think one reason this is, is because you don't have a lot of different values in your work. You really need to look at the objects and see all the different colours and how the light and shadow hits the object, for example kiwi is not generally this green as you've painted it.
You can check and reference images on google if you don't have the object in front of you (not copy them but check the colour and tones and how they change and go into each other etc).

The drawing of the bird you have is well done also, if you really get some dark value into the dark areas could be 2B, 4B,6B , 9B etc depending on how dark an area is I think you'd improve on the foundation you have for a solid the piece.

Hope that's of some help to you

Thanks Jon, once you pointed out my value range I totally saw it!

Havn't posted for afew days, work/being a lazy ass has slowed down my already lawn chair like speed.

The expression came off a little unnatural to me, and the skin doesn't look real either.
Everything I do shows me where I need to improve, pretty cooooooool~

Late night sketches from imagination before bed.

Also, are there any decent image hosting sites other then photobucket?
Don't care much for it's look and feel.

try dropbox, you can sync your images on your computer and just use the url directly
and......the second portrait looks way better with the shadows
Thanks gen, I'll check it out.

Anatomy/Skin study.

Seconding what JonHop says. Don't be afraid to punch values in the face! You can always do a black filled layer set on Hue mode to check your digital work. With pencils, invest in a set with 2B, 4B, 6B and HB pencils. The rest comes from hard, hard work. Keep it up!
Whooo, been too long! Time to start posting again.

Selection/Gradient Only assignment from sickbrush's class.

Personal and Hand practice.

Gotta get started on the sketches, dunno if I'll make it D33561e9

more sick assignments

small update:

Wolf studies

After Brent gave me a paintoverrr(thanks again man.)

Sketch for Brent's class, silhouette method.

I think there is a huge difference between your first works and latest ones ^^ Keep up the good work and post mate! Cheers! :)
Thanks mert, lately I feel I haven't been making to much progress so I appreciate it.

A study and other junk.

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The woman pose looks really great. keep up the good work!

Thanks Piotr.

I wanted to do a fairy but couldn't decide if I wanted to do clothing made of plants(leaves and vines, ect.) So I decided to look into their myth and maybe see if clothing from it's origin period would be better.

Turns out fairies had a habit of kidnapping babies and old people and rarely were depict as small winged creatures. Sometimes they were actually fallen angels using them as a tithe for hell(woah.) So I'm thinking a hypnotic women that trances children into following her, so she can kidnap them. I'll have to find ref for the pose I wanna do thoe, hmmm.

Apparently it is self portrait day and I haven't done anything recently(bad.)

So here is a quick self portrait, I'm gonna try and force myself back into a groove or whatever.

I wear my Kamina lashes with pride.

stuff and junk.

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Couple studies and a WIP, been struggling with the colors in this one really bad.
Can't even tell if they are awful anymore, probably are. 098eb4a5

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Changed a lot and it is much more fun to work on, still a lot to do though.

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nice start here, i think you need to focus on getting your proportions right before jumping into complicated paintings, same with studies, make sure the drawing is correct before you get into painting! your animal studies all seem nice, especially those elephants!


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