Monster --- WIP
Hello All,
The last couple of years, I have been trying to get more serious about my art after nearly 10 years away from the drawing board.

I have a seriously hard time evaluating my own work. I realise the headdress thing is a bit ridiculous, and the tail is a bit high on his back, and not sitting in proper perspective, but aside from that, I am unsure. Any crits you folks can provide are greatly appreciated.

[Image: 20120706-monster.png]

Thanks for looking,
Hey there Brian.

I really like your concept. The face is really well done. The rim light is very "harsh" as it is, but I'm sure youll soften it up later.

To me I think it's just about tying together the design. Right now his equipment looks like really fancy, colorful, voodoo-magician like - while his appereance is very muddy/dull. I tried adding some more vodoo-paint on his skin, more necklace and more color to his body - also lowering/decreasing tail size and changing front leg.

This is atleast the direction I would have taken it into.
[Image: 34h6hvk.jpg]

Hope it helped (:


Thanks for taking the time Benjamin. I really appreciate the paint-over, and the crits.

My intent was to add some kind of war paint, and some additional equipment/clothing, but I got a bit stuck. I tend to struggle if I add too much too soon, but if I wait too long, I lose the confidence to make the additions. I need to stop being such a sissy about it and just paint over stuff knowing that I can simply repaint the parts back in. Or I could plan a bit better, and use a couple of layers, and not have to redo anything if I don't like it.

Thanks again for the help.


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