crt would help plz

i've been working on this piece for a little over a year (here and there)... would just like to know any pointers, epically with painting tips just starting to try my hand at painting.... anything anyone would like to say or add would be greatly appreciated.

btw, the sun in this blows big chunk lol

[Image: 25688_10150179104010534_5355003_n.jpg]
Hi there! I see you're doing some kind of dreamy landscape here. I'm not entirely sure if the perspective you're working with is intentional to help add to the surrealism of the piece? If its not, maybe you can work it in here. A suggestion would be to add a subject closer to the foreground? As of the moment, it seem pretty flat, try to establish a tonal range from foreground to background to add that ounce of depth to your scene. You can lighten your tones to push that land mass to the background as well as the moon, if thats what your trying to achieve.

I would assume that the blue bits on the lower area are water? If that is a waterfall or another water source, you might want to use a different brush. To me it looks more like fur than anything else atm. If it is something like a waterfall, you can add white froth at the bottom part where the water from the falls hits the water on the ground.

Is this some sort of flippy flippy image where the top half depicts once scene, the lower half depicts another? If thats the effect you want to achieve, maybe you should go with a mirrored look for your elements as opposed to having the sun and the moon at opposite ends. Hope this helps :)
I'm not really sure what I see here, but I'll give it a shot :)

I like the moon-side with what looks like snow falling down and those dead trees on the left and the cloudy sky. But since the clouds are in no way covering the moon, it looks like it's in front of them (which could be on purpose, I don't know). Also, cover your moon-half landscape in some snow, I'd say, unless the snow is actually supposed to be stars :D but then they wouldn't be so bright, since 1. the moon is brighter than stars and 2. they should be covered by clouds. So I prefer the snow scenario. Also you could use some colour on the rocks, maybe some dark blue in the shadows or so. What is the ground made of? Are those rocks? I believe seeing trees, so they wouldn't be entirely grey.

On the sunny side, I'd say the same thing: Add some colour! Maybe only to the reflections in the water, but I guess this would help a lot separating the two parts. You're water's not grey either, so this would only make sense.
Is the sun supposed to be a reflection? If so, it wouldn't be round, in perspective it would become an oval. And those lines from the water movement would follow the "horizon", they would be in the same angle as the water's edge.

I hope this helped and that I understood your image at least a little =)

thank you both for your insight,
i really appreciate you both helping me out like this. i'll upload some close up view of the drawing tomorrow (i'm dead tired right now, just had a full day of work)... but thank you once again, i read both comments and it helped me out with some point's that i was thinking of earlier in the drawing phase.
ok so i'm back :),
alright i noticed you guys had a little trouble making out what the drawing was sry about that, so here's a little more of a description and what i was aiming for... like Sopasdigital and Myriam was saying it is an imaginary kinda dreamy landscape idea, what i had in mind was a type of winter solstice and summer solstice (day and night) thing at the same time a little bit of a ying yang feel to it (that's the reason why i off set the sun and the moon "69") and at the same time a drawing i could hang ether up or down depending of the sessions :)... you're crts are very use full, thank you very much. you make a good point Sopasdigital about the range of shadow from foreground to background, and adding something a little close to the focal point... and thank you too Myriam you where right it is starts :) i drew them from an old world atlas we have, i did notice what you where saying after i read your comment about the starts and the moon i'll shade the stars a little more and brighten the moon more (although i'd rly appreciate if you could help me out with that, it's the first time i draw starts so i'm a little lost with the shadow ratio between the moon and stars) and i'd kinda prefer to keep the stars since it would be a little hidden secret to make out the big dipper and little dipper and all that good stuff lol... also i'm just starting to try my hand at coloring it's been a year or so that i haven't worked on this to sharpen my skills at painting (on photoshop) lol... so here are some close ups of the night sky and the day, and i also found a big re work i did a long time ago, it kinda address some of your crtz but my painting sucked back then so i left it and it's like re do's of google photos i got off the net so it's not from my imagination witch kinda diss inspired me :(
sry for the long post....

Night sky:

Sunny side up:

and the re-worked job:

google pics for re-worked jobs,
Right side cliffs:

Left side cliffs:

light house:

Mount Everest:

anyways thank you all, and i rly appreciate the help from such great artiest as your selves :D
Glad we could help! Just brighten up the moon, I guess that'll help already =)


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