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Ivan Ći's sketchbook
i like what you are doing with two guys, i´m looking forward to see what colors will you choose.
PD: what? the elves are holding ground against the spacemarines? that is heresy.

Good to see you mixing traditional and digital; it's important to keep up with pencil/paper drawing as much as you can. I feel like I lose the ability to draw with a pencil if I don't do it at least a few times a week; it's odd. Your constructions seem good for the most part, so the thing you need to focus on for now are your values. Really try to understand all the subtleties of real lighting and how it describes forms and materials. Plenty of painting from life should help out.

Man oh man oh man!
So I opened up your sketchbook to page 1... and goodness me!! I mean, I'm in awe!! Your work on page 1 alone is kickass! And now it's just... (for lack of a better adjective) woooooooooooww-! ^ ^

Then I went through each page... and just wow... dat determination - nothing knocks you down! Not even fire!! Also, I freakin' love the way you use mixed media in your studies!
You're really inspiring to me, keep up the great work Ivan! o/

Also: that would have to be the hardest poll I've come across LOL but I'd have to go with Space Marines by the skin of my teeth :>

I love how you are using old paper to draw on. Really gives some kind of special feeling.
Also- I can't wait to se Illidan done, it looks really amazing so far, its not really easy to paint from that perspective so good luck and have a lot of fun :)

your values are getting much stronger! only thing i would say is don't be afraid to use larger brushes, particularly in the backgrounds; you don't want to distract the attention from the focal point so it can be best to simplify the forms, keep it up though :)

Tnx Ed! P.S. I must remain neutral in the conflict. It's the people who will decide lol
MrFrenik, tnx, I am trying to address that right nao!
smrrfette, yes I am stubborn, but my work is still shitty. Thanks for the kind words. :)
panda, thank you, I love pencil and traditional stuff, but sometimes it just goes too slow :) Ursula helped a lot with the Illidan piece, it looked like crap before her po xD
mindwrack, that fear is going to die screaming in the next few illustrations, thank you.

gone color fishing to help solve color on my current illustrations, well I must say I was enlightened.

and some quick studies i didn't post, from feb2013, mostly i think 5min long


doodle form the hangout and another 2h portrait

you seem much more comfortable with pencils iCi, yeah color "fishing" doesnt look really useful to me xD well maybe if you picked the colors by eye.
Also, after seeing this last portrait with pencil, i think you should try combining what you do in your traditional works with your digital illustrations, the result could be potentially awesome.
I wish i could express myself better xD

I know what you mean, tnx ;)
Progress shot of Illidan, some things need fixin
[attachment deleted so it doesn't take up space]

serious improvement with piece! the values are looking neat.
The upper part of the body looks great to me (especially the face) once you take care of the lower part, i recommend to start trying different color palettes like crazy before doing anything else.

Very cool so far, man; looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Sweet updates man, latest pencils and this wow piece are all lookin spot on. No crits from me dude, just keep hammering!


Thx guys :) Ed, I am already crazy, so it will come naturally :)
Character is done, need to put some branches and leaves in the background, or maybe use his wings.... I'm so pissed that I don't have time these days to finish this guy :/

dammit no time...no timeeeee! took it a few steps back and a few forward. ok ok i got this

hey man great new stuff ;O din't visited the forum that much the last weeks. im think about doing a illidan fanart too.

tnx, man, i finally managed to do decent illidan. not without help, though. some sketches

reworked an old sketch before bed, who cares

looks like im a sucker for revisiting the old sketches as i now see a ton of ways to improve them
miss proudmoore

I care :) That old sketch looks really nice now, your colors are as always so gentle and remind me of traditional painting sometimes.
Also-great job on miss- are you going to work more on her? It would be really nice to see more of it :D

toxicpanda, tnx <3 ill do miss, illidan and that orc when i level up some more which will happen probably in a few weeks since im working like crazy.

Well, guys, its time for the first checkpoint - after almost two years of working my ass off, falling and getting up - I got the studio job! :) So there you go, one more confirmation that if you do your absolute best to improve, you can actually get things done. I do have a loooooooot more to work on, but I've grown not just as an artist, but as a person as well - I make better choices and decisions now, as I have tested my limits. I am more aware of my deficiencies and qualities as well, and I can actually feel it coming together. Just a tiny little hunch, but it's there. For the record, I am far from the actual big goal, but this is the first baby step. I need to work on my schedule, consistency, to attack my weak sides(anatomy, rendering, proportions, placement...) more and to maintain concentration.
And the most important thing of all thank you daggers for existing, I couldn't have done it alone <3
There are I lot of people whom I'd like to thank personally, but I won't make lists now cuz they will know when they read this that I am saying THANK YOU to them as well ;) !
Now, back to shitty sketches, right? xD


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