Wherlon's Sketchbook
Hello everybody! I'm 17 years old, art student from Brazil , I'll post my works and studies here because i have a long way ahead, a lot of things to learn, to know and to do.
If you have any suggestions, critiques or comments, please feel free to share, it'll be helpful for me and my progress, and i'll love it <3

Hey guys! Sorry for the late posting, i'll try to be more assiduous!

The last guy with funny expression is a friend :)

goin ham on those renders dude. I think you need to just refine your edge control a little. here's a bunch of blog posts on that very subject


the related posts in april have links to his advice on edges in a bunch of other blog posts that are clearly labeled.

my favorite so far is the first picture in your latest post. once again gj dude

Workshop enthusiast
Workshop blog
Thank you Mr. Toodles! <3
i'm gonna read it now!

Sketches i did last week.

Here an old sketch i did last year as you can see, i did it when i was at school.

Hey, welcome Wherlon! Hope you enjoy the forums! <3

nice color studies and sketches! Keep pushing it, I'd love to see some more updates!

Hey guys! long time without posting again...
I'm having some problems with my monitor, that's why i'm not studing digitally these days, maybe i'll change this shit in a few weeks.
So i'm back on pencils and i started to use pens to sketching, and here are some sketches i made few days ago.

hope you like it :D

Hey guys!! I'm back ;3 i got a new monitor, and now i can see the colors correctly, my old monitor had a problem, there was a biggest fucking bright on the center of the screen and i can't remove that, but now i'm really hungry for painting again, so i'm gonna post some studies i did recently, C&C are very much welcome!

Study from Miles Johnston stuff ;) and the lil einstein is a still life study

hope you like ;3

Cool stuff man! Keep up the good work.

Thanks man! ;3

Scarlett portrait attempt, i failed... haha! And the today's study ;)

Cool stuff, I really love the pencil sort of caricature type piece of the woman you did, excellent work. AS for digital painting keep pushing, working hard and working on your edge technique.

Thanks bro! I'm still practicing the edge control, it's so hard, but not like used to be ;3
i didn't paint digitally for a few months because of my monitor, i will recover them however.

Nice studies! :D Keep it up!
Resurrecting this thread Hahaha!
I was so busy and tired because of the university entrance exams, but i drew a lot on my handouts and notebooks and sometimes doing something digitally...
Now i finally have time for doing what i really like. Here are some studies which i did recently
Hope you like ;3

Mooooar sketches, trying more imaginative work and a quick fashion study

Heeey. Great sketchbook. Tons of solid studies and applied work. Your doing a great job. In your future works try to apply more textures and hard edges. I think your work will benefit greatly from this. Keep it, awesome stuff! And happy new year!

@ramalooke Thanks man! The edge control still being a little difficult to me, but not as used to be, i'm still practicing these things ;D

And here's a bighead study i did a few hours ago ;D


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