JBZ's Sketchbook
Well, here I am, starting a sketchbook. I'll be posting mostly stuff related to Sickbrush's mentoring class, and document (hopefully) my improvement.

I'll also add here and there other stuff I'm working on.

Edit: broken links here. It was probably old stuff that's not worth it anymore!

Broken links...

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I like the pic with the book. Nice idea.
Some new stuff, done in pencil.

Edit: another broken link. I'll learn to use the attachments.

Some cheesy imagery for a project that got cancelled :/

Booh. Not enough updates. Will kick myself off my lazy ass and upload some stuff. :)

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Woah. I didn't update this in the longest time.

Thanks for the SB comments. You've definitely come a long way in just a half a year, so whatever you've been doing keep it up.

Hey MrFrenik, thanks! Been mostly drawing! I've just been a bit too lazy lately tho. Coming back to the forums is just the stimulus I needed to get back on track :)

So, here goes a random assortment of the work I've done lately.

Seeing your improvement is an inspiration dude. Keep it up!
Thanks ruffledo, really appreciated!

Working on another image for the Rising Stars contest. This time it's going to be a concept art piece, showing a guy that just crashed into a planet, and gets chased by evildoers and their terrible alien hounds.

I also gently borrowed Dave Rapoza's work schedule from way back and made a commitment to follow it through. I've left untouched some parts, added some personal stuff I'm doing too. I might edit it after a few weeks of trials. We'll see.

And finally, these are my 1h30m studies from today!


You definitely are on the right way! You're gonna soon kick some asses!! :D Keep it up my dear! ;)

You are your only limits!

This week's anatomy and color studies! :)

I like the idea for the schedule you've got going; I'll be interested to see how this works for you.

Thanks MrFrenik! It's working out great. I'm switching back and forth with some assignments, because I'm assigning more priority to painting original pieces this week, for example. But looking at it already gives me a boost as soon as I switch on the screen.

Some updates:

Study of Leyendecker I'm working on:

Early concepts and progress on new painting:

Aaand finished! Starting today with new stuff :)

A little thing I did last week trying a looser style.

And the stuff I'm currently working on:

great improvement, and great studies too! Can't wait to see more from you.

The last finished illo turned out great, man. Keep it up!

Thanks guys for the support. Trying harder in every new piece!

[Image: environment2.jpg]

Next piece is a "then --- now" comparison. This was done back in 2010:

[Image: 20100528094550598-1.jpg]

And this is the 2013 version:

[Image: thunderwoman3.jpg]


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