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Hi daggers,

now I'm finally starting my sketchbook here. As first image I've chosen this one:

With this painting from about 2006/07 I've gotten back into painting and started with digital painting. I've started this painting with a mouse and didn't know anything about custom Photoshop brushes. I started with a water colour sketch and painted over it. I've worked at least three weeks for several hours each day on this painting and it still looks er, crappy. Even though I still want to repaint it some day.

As I want to apply for Isra's mentor group, I need to hurry up filling my sketchbook. I would like to submit stuff in a somehow chronological order, therefore this is a place holder post, which I will update later on with older artworks. Oh yes, and I still have to figure out how this forum works...

Here are two of the drawings, I've done this year in July and August. I need to scan the rest of them today and tomorrow. Some are a bit too big for my scanner, though.

These were drawn from life.

The following drawings and paintings are from this year September. I've wanted to take part in the Golden Boy challenge, but failed to upload my stuff in time. :-( There are some nude drawings missing, which I have to scan in or take a photo from. I will include them into this post later on.

My Crimson Dagger sketchbook:

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