DhArt Sketchbook (aka, Help!!)

Skip to the last page please. This sketchbook begun in 2012 and has just recently started to get updated again.


Hello. I have decided to start a sketchbook here. My name is Dennis. I recently turned 25 years old and I live in Sweden.

I have been drawing since about late 2010/early 2011, I got a tablet in november 2010 and started doing digital art then, but it took a couple of months to learn even the basics of photoshop, such as layers, drawing lineart and such (im a slow learner with new things sometimes :s).

I became really serious about art in September 2011 when I started to go to school again, before that, I used to waste time playing video games, work in regular jobs such as a forklift truck driver, warehouse employee etc. Going to clubs etc etc. :(

I got a sketchbook at Conceptart.org here: http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread....book/page5

I also got a deviantart account here: http://zorrentos.deviantart.com/

Here is some of my work, planning on updating here as often as possible:


[Image: 5ewnmg.jpg]

[Image: 2mw58a0.jpg]

[Image: axekg9.jpg]

[Image: 24v1jie.jpg]

Personal work:

[Image: 24ziyrc.jpg]

[Image: ezprok.jpg]

[Image: 2qtiiit.jpg]

ANY criticism and advice EXTREMELY appreciated! :)

More to come SOON!
Some recent stuff. Still busy with school stuff tho ._. Not even gonna bother uploading my anatomy studies and stuff, to much of em! But you can see all of them here:


[Image: 20rs668.jpg]

[Image: 14lmzvk.jpg]

[Image: hv3vbp.jpg]
[Image: fw386a.jpg]

[Image: hsjg3s.jpg]

[Image: 1409efd.jpg]

[Image: o0urgn.jpg]

[Image: 2d27nh4.jpg]

[Image: 24oybk6.jpg]
These are very impressive, especially considering they've been drawing without reference. I would say that area to improve on is with variation of shape. You have a tendency to curve and round off features where some straighter lines would give more character / realism. For instance, your jaw lines all follow a similar curve - some variation would add character. Very nice work and I look forward to seeing more. I had a look at your DeviantArt gallery and am now following you there too :-)


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Thanks Brainfruit. Really appreciate it! Gonna try to apply the crits as well! :)

Allright, havnt updated in forever ... Just got scared of the thought of having to upload all my pics to tinypic or something like that ... Dunno ... But thats all over now! Im planning on doing daily updates from now on! Stay tuned.

Here are some recent enviro studies from the last few days. CA.org is down atm, so I cant get anything from my sketchbook there, but yeah, I got tons of more work there.

[Image: 2hd1rgn.jpg]

[Image: 2sbsbqw.jpg]

[Image: iv8vir.jpg]

[Image: b5pklg.jpg]

[Image: 9azo28.jpg]

[Image: mt4dvd.jpg]

Personal work:

[Image: 2zoengg.jpg]

[Image: 9knlg5.jpg]

[Image: 2mo8sjk.jpg]

[Image: 2poy0s2.jpg]
Just randomly saw your deathline post. Got some good stuff in here already man, the studies are looking great. Keep it up, and you'll smash it. Good luck :)

Thanks JakeB! I was a bit in rage over how much I suck when I wrote that! I hope to achieve all thoose goals this year! :)

Stuff from today. Some studies and thumbnails from imagination. I will probably upload all the weeks sketches on one single day. It's just easier to scan that way.

[Image: n3oihi.jpg]

[Image: 2u7ro7t.jpg]

[Image: ip5qvo.jpg]
Todays update. Some studies and then a speedpaint from imagination to apply the studies.

Cya tomorrow.

[Image: 35lzq5t.jpg]

[Image: cruye.jpg]

[Image: 309hdvn.jpg]

[Image: 10g07ro.jpg]
Not so much stuff today ... Been busy with some errands and stuff.

Here's a half-finished study and a half-finished speedpaint. I will continue on both tomorrow when I start on the hair.

[Image: 23m2czs.jpg]

[Image: zk50tv.jpg]
Stuff from the anatomy of a pinup class :)

Personal work tomorrow

[Image: 154ua7r.jpg]

[Image: 66mcmr.jpg]

[Image: 15nrpuh.jpg]

[Image: wbykuh.jpg]
Great studies. Just keep applying them so they don't go to waste!!

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Thanks Zesiul! I always apply my studies, but yesterday, I just couldn't finish my picture ... It turned out to be such a huge fail that I actually scrapped it...

Anyway, heres two studies and a refless speedie I did today after school:

[Image: 34hamtk.jpg]

[Image: aoaq2h.jpg]

[Image: 16iveog.jpg]
Forgot about this thread ... Anyway, here's some personal work and sketches. All the studies and similar are in my CA sketchbook ... To much trouble uploading it all here.

[Image: b67rea.jpg]

[Image: 2z6z76v.jpg]

[Image: 28a7wag.jpg]

[Image: rt0twh.jpg]
Holy crap you're improving fast my friend. Keep goin!
Thanks mr bacon!

Wow ... Been a while! I have been drawing my ass off and read artbooks and such, but I just havn't felt like updating ... I guess im gonna start again now!

Here's a creature design practice made for our Crimson Rangers study group. We discuss art and draw together every day, so if you want to join, just add me on skype: dennis.holmgren2

[Image: 35krec2.jpg]
Hey Dennis, nice work ;3 You're doing all sort of good stuff and it's awesome that you keep variety in your work. However I would give more love to those environment stuff if I were you ;). Faces are looking good ;3 Keep pushing, mate <3

Wow, visiting this sb is really taking me back .. Lots of stuff has changed since then.
So anyway, I lost my password to my newer user, but the webmaster mananged to give me back my info for this old account. I will be updating this sb daily from now on. I got a non-art related full time job but im still hoping to produce a lot of stuff.

Here is my other CD sketchbook (will never be updated again, but u can see some other stuff I did since leaving this one Shock):


Here's my other SBs at other sites (all updated Thumbs_up):



Here's todays stuff, 2 studies and applying from imagination:

Time for day 5 of daily updates.
Gesturs and figure studies as usual.

Here are some sketches from imagination to apply the studies Thumbs_up:

I didn't have a lot of time today. Had to clean my house and do a lot of choirs. I also started reading the books I recived in the mail today. Burne Hogarth - Dynamic light and shade and Scott robertson - How to Draw. I will study both a lot!
Anyways, a little art is better then no art I think ... Enjoy!

Hey, glad to see you posting on daggers again, great progress man! Keep it up ! :)


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