Crimson Characters #1 - Traveling Merchant
Hello Daggers! I think we could use some more activities as a community, since Dan and Dave are just to busy to host the Bloodsports, I plan to start a weekly activity where I come up with a character subject for us all to have some fun with! If this catches on I could set up a voting poll at the end of the week and we can have a "winner", adding a competitive element but for now let's just have some fun. I'll try to avoid ideas like Knight and Viking and not get to specific so you guys have lots of room to be creative. Like the awesome Bloodsports, I'm gonna say do at least 1 study to apply to the final so you learn something(this is a place of learning afterall!) Include the study with your final post, wips are welcome as is advice towards others. All skill levels are welcome and finally, lets have fun shall we?

On to week one's character brief!
The traveling merchant, that little guy on the pack mule or the skinny guy pushing his cart along the plains path. From city to city he goes, selling his exotic goods to the townsfolk and any adventurers he comes across along the way.

Keep in mind this merchant travels a lot and should reflect that in the design. How do they move the merchandise from place to place? What do they do about the hot sun or the freezing wind? The merchandise itself is up to you, so long as it is something you can "trade."

  • Can be either gender.
  • One study(or more) to improve the final and learn something.
  • Show how they move their merchandise.
  • It doesn't have to be human, but should be intelligent enough to understand the concept of "Trade"

  • Please keep your images to a reasonable size, not to large not to small.
  • 3/4 of the character must be visible.
  • WIPs are welcome, but try not to spam updates.
  • Have fun.

The "deadline" will be December 16th, I'll post week #2 then.
Went with a manly man that just carries his stock.

Now for the study(ies) and pushing~

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(12-09-2012, 10:11 AM)atrenr Wrote: Went with a manly man that just carries his stock.

Now for the study(ies) and pushing~

Good Idea atrenr, I'll try and join in with this :).

great Atrenr! i´m in

im in, should be fun
Awesome guys! I can't wait to see what you all come up with. I added the deadline just incase it wasn't clear(I should have to start with, heh.)

where im at so far with this.

traverses the cold mountainous regions selling herbs and spices to the villagers.

*update - this is the finished design, I saw yesterday that the character was supposed to be in 3/4 view (completely forgot about that when I started) which mine isn't but I wouldn't have had time to get it to this state if I had started again so thats me done for this challenge.

Also did a quick study of some ski sort of trousers then tried to apply it to the design.

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here's a little Sketch of my basic idea, according to the guidelines I am now going to study fantasy world merchants to create a more convincing character

Edit: ok i found a cool ref of this dude with some camels and I wanted to capture his likeness in a sketch. What i want to get out of this study is a grasp of painting in large shapes because i don't do it very well

second edit: here's my work on the shapes tonight I spent a lot of time fiddling with the light source and was a bit disappointed about doing so

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finally i managed to do something on the last minute!

I did some quick studies of a few arabic guys, but i ended doing something slightly different.


they call themselves the red merchants of Elyran, the rest just call them scavengers, or raiders.
The red merchants trade with ancient artifacts and goods found in the ruins of the crimson ashlands in the middle of Elyran. The ruined cities of the old Elyrian kingdom are in the middle of a blood red hellish terrain called the crimson ashlands, these brave merchants wear their characteristic red clothes to go unnoticed around the desert.
But red is also the color of the imperial army, so often they are confused with imperial explorers by the savage tribes of Elyran.

Awesome guys, glad you took part! Desert and mountain merchants were not what I was expecting, glad I saw stuff in a different direction.

@Jonhop You did it correctly, when I said 3/4 I meant as in no portraits or above waste shots. I wanted the majority of the character to be visible. I'll word it better in the future!

Here is where my merchant is, I changed it a lot as it felt to much like a bandit.

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great job guys, looking forward to the next one.

@ atrenr my fault i didnt understand it properly.

i guess i'm late, sorry! but still it is... >..<
my idea was a herb merchant or something like that...from a country that has same weather like i did a few studies of tibetan (shaman) clothes plus yaks... ;P
her "pet" can smell out the herbs , carries the stuff and the yeah...

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No worries, Hold. Thanks for taking part!

I like your idea and theme and I like how many studies you did. My only complaints are that her neck is very long and the yak seems to be in a different perspective than the merchant. Really cool design overall though, I hope you take part in the next one!

mmmm, You're right...i didn't noticed the long neck XD but i guess it's because of her scarf or wut ( so it covers not only her neck but some part of the lower parts...but yeah,still)
and yes, the perspective thingie is because it's true... XD i didn't wanted to cover too much from the yak creature so it turned out crappy XD...

next time i won't mess up in the last minute...
thanks for the whole challenge! ;>

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