Crimson Characters #3 - Parasite Fiend
This week we'll be making an infected fighter. The idea is someone who has been infested by a large parasite(s) that has weaponized their body to increase it's ability to survive, whether though protective means or offensive. Did the host become an armored tank? Acid belching puss ball? Blade covered flayer? Everything from how the parasite mutated them to how much the host is in control is up to you.

  • Keep the host species to earth mammals.
  • The parasite is just as much apart of this character as the host, show it!
  • The parasite should be in some way visible.
  • Wips are welcome, but try not to spam updates.

  • Do a study to apply to your character and learn something!
  • Please keep your images to a reasonable size, not to large not to small.
  • 75% of the character must be visible.
  • Backgrounds are optional.
  • Have fun!

Deadline is Jan 6th(2013.)
I'm fucking joining this one.

EDIT: fuck.

Did quite a bit of research beforehand, landed on a parasite that absorbs nutrients by mimicking antlers on deer / elks / antlered thangs.

First stage done, on to the next one.
[Image: CeBQ2.png]

Playing with the parasite idea.

cool direction, Rian. Maybe make them look more biological, they have a very crystal feel to them right now. Maybe look at carapace, shells and maybe even tree bark? Keep pushing it man!


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