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(02-06-2013, 12:15 AM)s-mrr Wrote: Started with 30secs, moved on to 1min ea, then did some 2min ones -- although I didn't really know what to do with my extra time with these ones... what am I s'posed to do with an extra minute? Now that I've gotten used to trying to complete the gesture between 30-1min -- 2minutes felt weird... like I was either finishing too quick and not knowing what to do with the extra time... or taking too much time :/ I dunno.)

You may have already figured this out, so excuse me if I am being redundant: when you have some extra time, after capturing the entire figure, try rendering their forms or adding value where the skin touches; skin to skin contact will naturally result in darker value. Try emphasizing these points when you have the time?

] Mannyhaatz - oh my goodness, thank you for the advice once more dood! I've never understood which lines to emphasise when told to do a 2-5min life study or drawing in general to be frank! So thank you again and for stopping by. :)!

[ skb - I read a lot from different books today - didn't get as much done as usual, however I learnt a lot of valuable information that I hope to put into practice asap! Work time is definitely important but equally as important as play time. Failure through application of study is the way to go for improvement to be possible -- or so that's the theory.

So far today I've done some Bammes studies, Loomis studies, and messed around with different mediums -

Thinking if I have time after dindins to do a digital sketch.

What motivates you?

No problem, I'm glad to help! Your reflection teaches me alot; it is one of the main reasons why I visit your sketchbook.

(your strokes are looking very controlled...very precise. that's something I also need to practice)

Play is as important as play...application leads to improvement....these are wonderful insights that I will use in my own sketches! This sketchbook is such a learning experience: keep up the great work!

(your strokes look very controlled...very precise. that's something I also need to practice

] Mannyhaatz - Awh, the amount of love I have for you right now! :D <3

[ skb - Play is play!

Attempted my first ever refless digital portrait (having painted one referenced portrait before)!

I have a lot to learn - but in saying that: I've learnt a lot from this hairy man... and I hope I can continue to learn from this new workflow I've established for myself. I now see how important balancing study and play time really is :3.
It needs to happen at least once a day! I need to make sure I have time to put my studies into practice! Whether that be sketching in a book or on paper -- or digitally.
Make it happen lady :) !

Also: damn I shouldn't have only posted one thing :'/

What motivates you?

[ skb - refless figures/characters!
I didn't intend spending as long as I did on the first figure... hmm, probably trying too hard to get the values right. In which case is a tell that I need to paint more to become more confident in the medium -- as well as grasp a better understanding of lighting/values. It really is enjoyable noting where I could improve upon next time ~ feedback is welcome as always <3

Edit: I still have no idea how to make a painting look crisp and have that *finished* look about it -- but I guess it'll just come to me with a bunch of practise! :)

tomorrow = perspective!! (stop putting it off you silly can of potatoes!) + other studies

What motivates you?

[ skb - I would say I got a hefty bit of work done! (thank you check list!)

Started at 1pm: actually worked on my perspective zomg! All free-handed though so it's a bit messy... rulers seem to be invisible in my house - eh, who needs 'em!
followed by a couple of Loomis studies, gestures (including a couple of 5min ones) and a refless female portrait (1st one evvveeeerr! Feels good! Although of course I know where I could improve on - I enjoyed attempting to paint it!)

What motivates you?

Yo, we met on You're working hecka hard. Nice studies via hand and Loomis. Nice practice with these refless portraits too. I've also began to work on refless stuff, which is mostly gesture of my own. It's really hard, but keep it up. I think it'll be of great benefit in the long run. See you around!
] I STRaY I - hey dood! Yes of course I remember you :) you're the person that kept me committed to my 'loosen up circles'! I probably would have stopped doing warm-ups/loosening up if it weren't for you, so thanks! Aaaaand thank you stopping by :D I'm sure I will see you 'round! Keep pushing as well! :)

[ skb - woke up early like a BOSS-ette!

Did some perspective study which I've begun to enjoy which I find to be pretty funny considering I always used to put it off! 3-point today + messing about -- getting a feel for the concept.
Bridgman leg studies ~ (note: proportions)
couple of hand studies (note: work on hand anatomy)
Vanderpoel facial feature studies (neglected head studies - do some tomorrow) (note: work on eye width + separation)
refless portrait sketches (note: work on differences in facial anatomy/head structure. Differentiation)
a clumsy 30min self-portrait that looks nothing like me (oh and two little messy thumbnail sketches for the speedpaint)
1 hour refless speedpaint

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What motivates you?

[ skb - felt completely burnt out today so I took a bit of a longer break during the evening helping friends out with a bunch of things... even took a quick 1hour nap in the afternoon ;_; it was a slowday but I still managed to get things done! Tomorrow's a new day, hopefully I'll be feeling refreshed and ready to kick some bootay!

Some Loomis, and a lot of refless, brain-dead sketches ;_;

What motivates you?

Feelin' good!

Some Vanderpoel eyes, Bridgman hands and arms, 30min colour studies from life and a 1-ish hour refless portrait <3 I'll get there eventually..!

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What motivates you?

Love all your notes on your studies! Great to see you tackling hard stuff like perspective and the Latin names of all the anatomy. And those pen studies from Bridgman and Vanderpoel are amazing. I can't wait to see you improve, I'm sure you're going to blitz it :D.

] ImSkeptical - haha! Thanks you dude :D your comment boosted my motivation tenfold!!

[ skb - That just made me work even harder!
quick 30min portrait, + two 2min ones
30sec-60sec gestures (oh I seem to be missing two more pages... ah ¯\(°_o)/¯ )
a couple of Bridgman hands
bit of perspective
2 still-life colour studies ~60mins each - with first mirror study :D - hard to grasp but fun, fun, fun! (note: didn't intend to send so much time on these... work on time management)
1 thumbnail concept to digital sketch w.i.p (note: finish in future!)
1 refless sketchy ~2hours (note: "^")

What motivates you?

[ skb - hung out with a friend on the 14th, came back around midnight, the following day - spontaneously went to the city... would've been great buuut I forgot my sketchbook... so I literally got nothing done for 2 days straight! It's funny, I actually felt quite anxious not being able to sketch at least one little thing :s not like unable-to-cope type of anxiousness -- just felt a little uneasy knowing there were moments during those two days that I could have done something in a skb - like on the bus rides, trains, waiting for people etc, and knowing that... was hard to accept.
So, note to self: don't forget your "papa smurf".

Although not being able to draw for the past two days set me back in my confidence a little bit -- I say: "screw it!" and got my felt-tips out :3

Quickest Vanderpoel studies I've done to date (30-1min ea)
Bridgman Arms
Some Loomis hands and refless hands
Some refless eyes, mouths and studies of my own eyes, mouth etc.
Trying some new things in PS (working with clipping masks etc) sketchy poos - refless
Mucking around with colour and clipping masks sketchy poo - refless

What motivates you?

[ skb - mostly digital paintings today. It was Sunday after all ~ why not a little fun? :)

30sec gestures, 60 sec gestures (in the wrong order)
10min speedpaint colour/comp experiment (topic: The Legend of Zelda)
1hr portrait study with ref + added some tid bits.
1-1.5ish hour refless sketchy
refless fog study

What motivates you?


Yesterday & today (forgot to upload yesterday ;_;)

Loomis quick eyes
Refless portrait sketches from yesterday & today
Enviro & colour studies (refless)
Cityscape wip sketch
10-15min crappy still life studies

What motivates you?

[ skb - hopefully I've made up for yesterdays crappy, rushed paintings with some film-still studies ~ focussing on colour and speed. (Last one did all at 33-50% zoom, others @ 50% max ~1hr for the first 2 and ~1.45hrs for the last -- damn)
I also watched a bunch of vids concerning lighting, took notes on them - read blogs that focussed on lighting etc

Hope to apply what I learnt about lighting asap!! Going rock climbing tomorrow so I don't think tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow fo' shizzle

What motivates you?

Been really cool flipping through your sb an seeing your progress and how hard youre working. Keep pushing yourself and keep up the great work ethic!

] JonHop - haha hey thanks you!! :) Really helping with my motivation! Thanks for stopping by as well :D

[ skb - ergh yeah I think I may need to invest in an ergo desk... my wrist has been a pain the... wrist?? Ffffuu--. I don't want RSI.

Anyways, today:
warm up/loosen up sketches on paper & in PS (R/L)
gesture studies 30s/60s/10m
anatomy studies (+ 1 page of R/L anatomy sketches)
still-life/colour studies
portrait/lighting study (1.15hrs)
refless enviro sketch (around ¬1hr)


Maaan... I need to work on line weight :/ any tips?

What motivates you?

[ skb - I say screw obstacles--!! It's 01:57AM - there was no way in hell I was going to let a busy day get in the way of art! I'm not going to slack... especially before uni... gah!
Daily studies. Daily practise. Daily updates.
That is all.

*bit of Hampton
*bit of Vandey
*gestures (tried with a bullet-point marker fun, fun, fun!)
*colour study (enviro) - experimenting ¬1hr
*refless portrait thingy... I tried to finish it but I just didn't know how gah. Too long... TOO LONNNGGG... for something that still looks like it's at sketch-quality :/ I will learn. I will get better.
(note: I'ma start simple refless portraits -- brain fuzzles errywhere)

What motivates you?

Found a buttload of inspa today so that really took over my day - reading, listening to podcasts (while sketching) and yeah -- but I do not regret any of it because what I found today will definitely help me succeed this art odyssey I'm journeying.

refless doodles and some ref'd handsss

What motivates you?


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