smrrfette's Odyssey
] Sickbrush - thank you a bunch for the advice sick! Really, it could not have came at a better time... I was at a crossroad where frustration was really overwhelming me - I felt like I wasn't learning anything for a while.
So I've found a new approach to studying that feels more natural and enjoyable. :D
1st page of refless sketches really shows my frustration.

Quick fabric studies (and some of my blind contour warm-ups), still-lifes

Spent a good number of days reading books such as James Gurney's Color and Light -- I really, really need to spend time studying and understanding lighting and values. Because I really know nothing at all... nothing at all... nothing at all! <insert Ned Flander's butt here>
So I did a couple of value studies today:

Aaaaand one of the speedpaints I did last week for SpeedpaintStudies on deviantART. Took 2 hours... wasn't too happy with it, but the only way to improve is to bust out more!

Edit: I neeeeeeed to find a way to scan my pictures without them being so sharpened and lameee :/

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Really great line work with your pencil. I'm jealous!

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] Zesiul - haha thanks you, ^^ although there's nothing to be jealous of really haha - I hope to get a lot better with it :D

[ skb - all about dem legs today!
Decided to study some leg anatomy and actually APPLY what I learned! I thought it would be funny to study considering I screwed up my ankle running + playing soccer - almost a torn ligament, which sucks because I freaking love running!! But on the plus side - I got to stay home from uni (mega YES :D)
So read a bit from Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist, studied a couple of legs from photos, did some quick figure/gesture studies and then tried getting it to stick with some refless poopsies.


Oh it's jolly good fun when you learn something new! Onward to better tomorrow's o/

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Damn it girl, you work hard. Fantastic!
Heyo! Sorry about your ankle, but you already know the positive side of it!
The legs are coming out nice, just a question, do you draw big heads just for fun or you are having a hard time with it? They always makes me laugh, if it's a problem what I would suggest is that you draw the rest of the body first, I tend to draw small heads and doing that helps me a lot.

] Finnjamin - hey you! Haha aaaah sort of, need to work a looot harder though!

] M.Calza - heya :D ohhhh yes I have a mega hard time with drawing head size in proportion to the rest of the body... hahaha trust me I don't intend for them to be that huuuge! I think it's just bad habits of always drawing the head first (and incorrectly) growing up. But thank you a buttload for the tip! /facepalm I can't believe I never tried drawing the body firs... arghhh!
Much appreciated as usual!

[ skb - had to do homework for uni today :/ managed to watch Sickbrush's livestream though (made homework fly by aw ye), start working on a personal project I hope to finish one day - it's going to be a series of frames... sort of like a storyboard/comic. But I want to amp my understanding of lighting and values up before I really get down in it.
Plus poopy a sketch page

notes: finish set assignments for sick's class, head prop, torso, shoulders, values + lighting

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Hello again sketchbook; I've missed you o/
(Wow last update: 14th April o_o and it's the 13th of... May... now...
... Yikes. :[ )

Uggggh. So much craaaaaaap in life. I've been neglecting updating my sketchbook with what I can only explain as fear :/ but it's about time I snap out of it. Man, studying art really is a learning curve - both in the practice itself and in life, hm.

But in that time I haven't stopped drawing, no siree!

Life drawing classes = every monday! (Oh, that's tonight! :D)
crappa from first couple of classes:

hands studies (self):

sketches from sketchbook:


digi's messing around with different chroma's of red, 1-2hr portrait study (mostly trying to sharpen edges), refless unfinished digi and some hand studies from photos :)

There were waaaay more... but man it takes so long. Must skep tham.

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
ermagurd. Such fluid life drawing! and those hands <3 Only crit in regard to the digital portrait is that you dont really use any dark values for shadows. The face is deceptively dark in the shadows. Your sketchbook pages are really great. A lot of life in them :)

Jaik - ohh thank you for the helpful critz and wonderful words Jaik! I'll be sure to pop by your sketchy soon :)

Although this is a weeeeak update, I figure it's better than not updating at all. I have about 3 weeks left of uni - the only reason I'm staying for the rest of the sem is because of 2 group assignments which I'm paired with 2 good uni friends. After these assignments are completed in ~ 3 weeks it's game on art!

Until then, I'm still going to be sort of hit-and-running here, which sucks. I want to be involved in this community more! In time, in time.

Managed to squeeze in this refless digi-sketch I gave up on after ~ 2.5 hrs -- it was taking too long so I stopped and started reading Gurney's Color and Light before heading to soccer training.

I just need to push harder.

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Awesome hand studies! Now do feet.
Finnjamin - hahaha in time for sure! O:

Some thingy sketching - gosh, hands girl, hands - consider the direction of the arm before you improv :/ bah just read what you noted down on the page because ugh!
bottom page = ref'd ~5mins ea.

and some
quickish cloud studies :) could have/should have spent longer on them - (work on finalising!)
quick portrait study - turned an Asian woman into a dude somehow ¯\(°_o)/¯ ! Mainly tried to get form and colour down.

glad I got at least something done today though!

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I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
damn. you are on FIRE!
i'll be watching really closely your journey.
im pretty blow away.
no crits. just keep rolling. you are most definitely on the right track

Aragah - haha aww you're too kind :) no really! But thanks you!

Was at uni for a good 6hour chunk of my beautiful day - meaning I could only get to work on le Art Camp (thank you again Auntie for the amazeballs belated birthday present!) assignment when I got home at 5PM. BUT the first batch is complete! Which I'm satisfied with because I didn't think I'd be able to start the assignment :)

anyhoooooo, a lot of things to be learnt!

and an unfinished sketch on the train when I wasn't reading David Chelsea's book on Comic Book Perspective :)

time to refresh for tomorrow, it's gonna be a big one o/

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
woohooooo nice sketchbook :) I'm not too sure what I would crit, except just to keep going and not let life get ya down, I know the feeling. Keep working hard and applying those studies, looks like things are improving

pnate - thank you pnate, means a lot :)

hit and run!
Here is batch 1 of the colour studies before I leave to go to my Aunt's... and then go skydiving 8AM tomorrow morning :D
I'll have a LOT of work to catch up on when I get back!

argh loss of quality :(

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Managed to get all 50 comp aaand 50 colour studies done!
Feeling so fiiiinee. Although I learned a butt-tonne doing them, I definitely see areas I need to work on greatly >3> but that was the point of them! le derp

I have a helluva lot to do tomorrow... 3 master studies to wrap this week up - even if I fail to complete them in time, I'll still complete them in my own time for sure. But hopefully I'll manage 154218d4

soooo... I couldn't upload the other pastel scan (too large and I cbf at this hour to blah blah)

more comp studies

& moreee

colour studies! pt2

and the last batch

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Nice stuff! Your values and colors are wonderfull
You´ve done a lot of great studies. Really nice to see your progress.
Pay attention to the proportions. Sometimes you draw heads just to big.

Keep rocking!
hey steph... thanks for passing by my skb and kind words..

Damn, you work hard..i don't have much to say beside keep it going.. you'll get very good in no time ..
in one of your post you said something about skydiving was it?:D
Lazybeth - hey, thanks! :D

Luk999 - thanks dood! Haha yeeeah, definitely a naughty habit I need to break!

sker2 - no worries buddy! Your improvement is still messing with my miiinddd haha :)
oh it was without a doubt the best adventure I've experienced so far :D I would do it many times over! It really is like floating on air ~~ I can't describe the feelings accurately... it was just surreal. And I recommend it to anybody! Fear of heights or not :)

thanks for stopping by guys <3

I don't like posting wips because I end up not finishing them... so I shall not post the wips of the Master studies I'm still working on from last weeks assignment (new assignment just in woop woop!)
So all I have for the moment is this crappy 20min sketch

only posting it because I'm keeping with my 1post = 1pic rule :P

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all

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