Community Suggestions
Please write here all your ideas for things not tied into the forum design but rather the social aspect:
ex. - challenges, subforums, activities and any things of this sort


and remember! theres only a few rules to daggers. they are as follows-

1) no alienation, making people feel unwelcome, or activities which make people feel they arent 'good enough' to have something to offer. elitism will not be tolerated. everyone is welcome to the table here, in any activity, and free to do as much or as little as they choose. (another good rule of thumb is to never talk religion, politics, or OS preference haha)

2) daggers is a non profit community. If artists in the group wish to sell art, downloads, etc, daggers is a great place to promote, but the community and management will not take any money from anyone, ever. people can pay for what they wish to pay for, but advice and help (on this forum) will always be free.

if a dark day should come when this is somehow to big to be free, we will cross that bridge when we get to it, with TOTAL transparency. (everyone pray it never happens.)

3) the golden rule. dont be an asshole.
Well the most basic idea of social media is sharing. So maybe some type of link to share sketchbooks into social media? Or even just pictures?

Not really sure though if this is appreciated by the artist himself so might be a touchy subject
Sprectrex- we do have a daggers facebook already that people are free to share on. is there something else we can do that you think would be of help?
ok all, this is an increasingly talked about issue so i have decided to address all aspects of it here, open for everyone.

the issue at hand is, with almost 2000 members of the forum now (300 coming here this week alone), a lot of people are asking for changes and commenting on the style of the forum to make it look more professional and accessible.

there are a few things you all need to know before we go forward, they are as follows-

1) This forum is free, and adding certain more advanced features will cost money. if the site gets too big it will also end up costing money due to server costs. we want to avoid this as much as we can, because we dont want any bad atmosphere invading things here if we need to ask for money and donations. WITH THAT BEING SAID-

if we ever did ask for donations or had to to keep this going, we would make the donations public and open for anyone to view. if we took money out we would also make that public, as this is a charity site and none of the money would ever go to david, dennis, or myself. i hope this is an outcome we dont have to face, since involving money has been a proven method of making everything in these communities worse.

2) daggers is and always should be BY ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS. what i mean by this is that id prefer to have fewer members and more working artists, as opposed to more members for the sake of a higher number, with a smaller percentage actually being working artists. if this site gets big, it should be because more artists want to be a part of it, not because it attracts an audience of people who just wanna creep and comment.

this group was founded on helping artists grow and improve, and we want to keep that as the core focus. making things more accessible just because could have the opposite effect, so keep that in mind when thinking on ways to improve.

3) we are open to communal suggestions about improving the look of the site. the site as it stands looks a certain way because our mentality (dave, dennis, and myself) going into this was that daggers was gonna be the shitty gym down the street real dudes went and worked at every day as opposed to the streamlined planet hotbody in the inner city where people just go to look good. the mentality of work > image has always been at the core here.

that being said- if people have issues with the site all across the board and tey are common and agreed upon (the forum hurts my eyes, my images look bad on white are the most common so far), we will definitely try and sort that out to make it a better experience for everyone.

feel free to post ANY suggestions below with these things in mind. if its a good idea and realistic, and popular with other members, we will do our best to see it taken care of. best-

Dennis, David, and Daniel
Just throwing this out there and this looks like the place to do it. Has Crimson Daggers ever considered making an art book with members work. There are likely a lot of members at drastically different skill levels but it could be worth while to help some maybe get their first work in a published collection whether digital only or physical. Then maybe it could become a annual thing for the daggers and would give members that didn't have a work in the book a goal to work toward over the next year.

I'd like to see this forum kept simple. There are other pro alternatives. I just want a forum where I can talk to friends, talk about art and put art up. What else matters really? Don't want this place to end up swallowing its own tail like certain other forums...

+100 to what Dan and Star eater said.

There is Crimson Daggers, where, ya and stuff,
there is Gym n Daggers where overall health and wellness is touched upon...

...where's Love n Daggers?

Oh...ohhhhhhhhhhhh! the potential.


My little suggestion is a "Worth listening podcasts" topic in the resources forum. We could list all the podcasts we know and are worth listening. What do you think?

My list of 5 "starters": - Chris Oatley - Paper Wings - Massive Fantastic - Sidebar - Drawn Today

It's a somewhat solitary existence, a bit like a lighthouse keeper throwing a beam out into the darkness, in faith that this action might help someone unseen.

BombMy Sketchbook (critique welcome)Bomb
Email confirmation should be implemented. Look at all the recent spam posts about cell-phones.

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