Sickbrush - [Massive Update pg. 8]
holy... (Easter) balls...

You never cease to inspire me!!
Looking forward to the next livestream ^_^ v,

Cool works man! especially the environments and the giant Easter egg. Keep it up!

Thanks again everyone, here is some new stuff:
I didn't feel very good in the 5th day of my enviro journey so i just studied for a bit..
[Image: lmpint4.jpg]
Day 6 was all about asset fun. It hurt.. So much to learn argh..
[Image: day6c.jpg]
Day 7 was pretty weird, experimenting a lot and drawing interesting conclusions!
[Image: day71m.jpg]
[Image: day72.jpg]

and a fun little peek [Image: a9eBivc.jpg]

bazzzzzziinggaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 8
More asset stuff, finding the fun in thisssss
[Image: day8x.jpg]
Day 9
enviro harvest!
[Image: day9q.jpg]
[Image: day92.jpg]

Day 10
just trying to paint by myself, calm and slowly, with just one brush and trying not to avoid the problem. Tons of lessons learned today..
[Image: day10.jpg]
[Image: day10gates.jpg]
[Image: day10sketch.jpg]
More more more..not all days are great : (
[Image: day13w.jpg]
[Image: day11y.jpg]
[Image: day12y.jpg]

Awesome studies!

About day 12, don't worry! Aside from the one where wip has been painted all over the other 2 feels like old oil like paintings. Kind of like the vibe of them ^^
Keep it up!

My sketchbook
“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”
still looks like crap. do more.

awesome work! PUSH IT!!! give me moarr!!!
Hey daggers,
Here's some more work!
[Image: 551511_556500844370865_841005594_n.jpg]
[Image: 64262_555317657822517_617048308_n.jpg]
[Image: 401794_560977753923174_493401220_n.jpg]
[Image: Stargazer_s.jpg]

[Image: 943396_578939682126981_894588669_n.jpg]
[Image: 977293_579057445448538_559817861_o.jpg]
[Image: 575440_563912403629709_655905751_n.jpg]
[Image: 10557_582880901732859_840385393_n.jpg]

[Image: 1063789_594397200581229_809153588_o.jpg]
[Image: 738310_594927790528170_492648855_o.jpg]
[Image: 1074828_596540387033577_414172587_o.jpg]
[Image: 1097268_607434415944174_1090454425_o.jpg]
[Image: 1170936_608629829157966_136299157_n.jpg]
[Image: 1094734_609720115715604_363773498_o.jpg]
[Image: 1082325_615304718490477_914063622_o.jpg]
[Image: 1270371_617087081645574_554629267_o.jpg]
[Image: 1268994_622794574408158_196002458_o.jpg]
[Image: 1264474_625123900841892_659798730_o.jpg]
[Image: 1039497_625383074149308_1051717859_o.jpg]

sweet update! Lot of interesting stuffs. The cutlery designs are amazing.

Wow man, great stuff on your SB! Gorgeous design for the flatware, are they from a specific project or for your own (and our) amusement? Also i really dig the atmospheric quality you create with the cloudy-overcast skies in all of your enviros. Really good stuff. Cheers!

Thank you guys! Cutlery was for a personal project : )
Here's a new piece
[Image: caribbean_seas_by_sickbrush-d6ss49n.jpg]

This is amazing...

Amazing work! Just jawdropping! :D

Just wanted to come in to say, I fucking love your work man,
seriously this stuff is inspiring for me :).

cool sketchbook
The castles... If they were for sale and I had money.... Would totally buy them.
Love castles. Your work is so relaxing to look at. You are so talented and hard-working.
Keep it up pleeeaseee!!

Hey guys! I'm back and i super missed you all <3
Get ready for a massive massive updaaaaaaaayyyteeeee
First some Pathfinder work:
[Image: aRpSfwF.jpg]
[Image: flfCVal.jpg]
[Image: AYUOntE.jpg]
[Image: ycbXkQS.jpg]
[Image: nsBZAOO.jpg]
[Image: H3cSVZV.jpg]
[Image: tb70C8n.jpg]
[Image: 1knjmJK.jpg]
[Image: 9446%2BCard%2Binquisitor_post.png]
[Image: 9447%2BMixing%2BElements_post.png]
[Image: 9446_Child%2BValeros_post.png]
[Image: 9448_Pitax%2BBard_post.png]
[Image: 9447%2BUndine%2BOracle_post.png]
[Image: 9448_Zernebeth_post.png]
[Image: 9449_Astronomy_post.png]
[Image: 9446%2BHarrower%27s%2Bshop_post.png]
[Image: 9446%2BHarrow%2BCombat_post.png]
[Image: 9447%2BMulti-Elemental%2BSuli%2Bvs%2BBelker_post.png]

And here's a collection of lunchbreak sketches, most of them averaging 1 hour
[Image: lalalala_s.png]
[Image: aaaaaaasasas_s.png]
[Image: alalalalong_s.png]
[Image: aaa_aaa_a.png]
[Image: pigeongoyle2.png]
[Image: drag_bolas_ss.png]
[Image: porumbel.jpg]
[Image: moodboard_study_hungary_s.png]
[Image: drag_queen_s.jpg]
[Image: drag_queenzz_ss.jpg]
[Image: drag_queensz.jpg]
[Image: drag_queenszs_s.jpg]
[Image: thefault_s.jpg]
[Image: Jctlufn.png]
[Image: zYVrhsm.png]
[Image: XahIGY3.png]
[Image: lAU3Nqa.png]

And then i did some Dota 2 fanart concepts:
[Image: TpplfF5.jpg]
[Image: ClNNwKc.jpg]
[Image: aQEbeMz.jpg]
[Image: D5njZeD.jpg]
[Image: UzI88Sz.jpg]
[Image: zYL6M96.jpg]
[Image: TJ2MisO.png]
[Image: 7UpjvHc.png]

And here are some things done for Fantasy Flight Games [Talisman] and for Ubisoft:
[Image: r6j0hOP.jpg]
[Image: MLTcjJp.jpg]
[Image: lotus_empire_s_support_by_sickbrush-d7ey1mh.jpg]
[Image: TzJq3u9.jpg]
[Image: u4gsezB.jpg]

And in the end, to make sure your browser dies, here's a collection of random sketches, studies and paints i did for a while:
[Image: 1RahO4Z.jpg]
[Image: IIOsX1U.jpg]
[Image: sjPjk3r.jpg]
[Image: kllbAOv.png]
[Image: VLORqKm.jpg]
[Image: 1cJYm63.jpg]
[Image: HeRNfXV.png]
[Image: mJBJltA.jpg]
[Image: i49yfGD.jpg]
[Image: G58XqiV.png]
[Image: Iamws6O.png]
[Image: CMDZrrn.png]
[Image: n7cOeA6.png]
[Image: MoO1aka.png]
[Image: WYIXQM0.png]
[Image: 7GG9Oap.png]
[Image: H6WaUax.png]
[Image: rl8xTyO.png]

No way!

Woah, that's a TON of stuff.


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