Mirrors of Craig Mullins old "gfxartist.com" tutorials.
Hey guys, a while ago I was looking for some classic Craig Mullins tutorials and to my dismay i found out that the site that hosted them had died down, no one wanted to keep paying for it or whatever. So after looking around the web for mirrors i could only find the "Gunman" one on another (really awesome) site (http://conceptdesignworkshop.blogspot.se...unman.html), though it was missing the pictures that are supposed to go with the text.

Fast forward a couple of months (or a year probably) and I was once again searching the web for Craig Mullins tutorials, thinking that surely someone would have mirrored them by now (or maybe gfxartist was up and running again), but nope, they were still nowhere to be found.

So I did the only sane thing, I decided to create my own mirrors of these awesome tutorials, please enjoy! :D Craig Mullins GFXartist Tutorials


Ballin :D!

Thanks, i remember these, they are great.
Wow, I haven't looked at much of Craig's stuff, pretty soul crushing.. Thanks for putting that together, good resource.

Awesome, I love Mullins' work! Thanks so much for these.


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