Weekly Art Challenge #4: Industrial Design - Urban Mini Tank (UMT)
The Urban Mini Tank (UMT) is a tank designed for urban warfare.
It is usefull to get around the city fast and has decent protection and firepower like a tank.
It can hold up to 3 people and is designed for recon(naissance)

Design a UMT as you think it would benefit urban warfare the most.
Let your creativity go loose.

1) Color or black and white, both are allowed
2) Both traditional and digital mediums are allowed
3) Image size can not be too big, nor too small
4) New images only, no old work
5) Take your time for your artwork
6) Get creative but your piece must show some indication of how you followed the theme
7) Have fun!

None, you can post these as long as you wish as this is not competitive (yet).

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