Zeezee and Olphelia's weekly challenges
Hi guys,

This is where me and Zeezee will be posting our weekly challenges we've set together.

Week One

Quick portrait and figure studies

[Image: ksLVWcn.png]
Week 1:

All traditional :/ when I said I need to do more digital... oops! Week 2 will be digital :) [most of it!]

Hey guys, I like what you're doing here and I was wondering if I could join and do the challenges too? Nervous smile, ahehe

Let me know if that's okay. Thanks!

Hi thanks man! :)

Sure. Me and Zeezee currently get together on Tuesdays to set our goals and have a chat via skype. If you want to join PM me and we could go on from there.
Week Two

Five color portrait studies

[Image: 12HEofz.png]
I'm cheating and doing a double post this next week... going to pull the i was ill card!

Your colour portraits are ace :)

Here's my horribly quick colour studies....wait til Olphelia posts her great studies ;P *shakes fist in the air!*

Week Three

Colour film studies (and a random master study I did....)

Completely forgot about posting mine on Wednesday!

[Image: fbWQbVM.png]

[Image: x9MrYYJ.png]
Week 4

Colour landscape studies.

Week 5

Figure drawing focus.

Week 4

Colour landscape studies

[Image: j0sdsax.png]

Completely failed that week...

Week 5

Figure drawing focus

[Image: tgE7qiT.png]

[Image: vvkACbv.png]
These are loooking really good! kinda jelly lol. keep up the good work m8. hope to see more soon
Keep up the great work! You've both got an awesome start.


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