Try again fail better
hey people..
new stuff

trying to do one of the old bloodsports,
guild of golems...
hey guys...
I wanted to post some anatomy work I did last summer..
I drew them on 11/16 inch. paper and my scanner is smaller..that's why some parts are cropped..
I have more to show (about 50 of them) and I will post more some other time..



wow i love your gestures
they got me inspired
(was palnnign to go sleep after posting this but have to do some gestures now)
looking at your paints i have the feeling you are afraid of using dark colors sometimes
you tend to make a lot of your paints a lot brighter, with more white in it comapred to the photoref
try to replace the white with a saturated light color
and make your shadows a bit darker
good luck :)

thanks man.. i'm glad you like them.. and that you got inspired..

here is a new study.. i rememberd that i had this belt and had to paint it..
had some difficulties with natural light..clouds were blocking the sun every few minutes ..
and my sorcerer concept..


had to paint this twice.. 1'st time ps crashed, when it was done and i wanted to save..

My, my, my!
I can see fantastic improvement in the first page of your skb alone! It's incredible!
I don't have anything to critique - with that sort of improvement, keep doing what you're doing, you're doing it right :')
Keep going at it no matter what dude D16c4689

another master study...
had some fun with this one.. and took me a while to paint it because of poor photo quality..

hey daggers..
i was a bit busy and will be until next week..(school exams, and moving back to my home town) and i didn't have a lot of time to work/ post..
here are some studies i did..

back to work..
anatomy/ master study/ painting from life



Lots of awesome studies, keep em coming!
My tip to you would be: Keep comparing object with each other when you're making a study. Like: how big is the nose compared to the eye, how far below the nose does the chin end? That's the best way to get the dimensions right. If this is still to tough and you simply can't find where to start? Try making a study with a grid.
Good luck and keep posting! :D

My Crimson Daggers sketchbook ^^
@ helmighs.. thanks man..and i appreciate the advice
environment studies / imagination..
and a life painting..
to lazy to scan anatomy..


a log study..


life study.. 2 value studies..1 env. sketch... 1 character sketch (from last night)

here are some of my new studies that i have done..

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study+memory and a sketch (trying to figure out how to color grayscale)..

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