chocolate and cookies

trying to improve my art (:
I hope creating a thread will give me some *social pressure to draw and model more* and some interesting opnions / feedback
here goes nothing
feel free to crit ,
tips, tricks, assignements, ideas, post them all

my desk
[Image: lifestudy002.jpg]

lineart from my sketchbook: about 50%ref 50 imagination
trying to improve my imagination and stop always copying pictures
[Image: p1090926x.jpg]
[Image: p1090927n.jpg]
[Image: p1090928.jpg]
[Image: p1090929p.jpg]
[Image: p1090930o.jpg]
[Image: p1090932p.jpg]
[Image: p1090933.jpg]
[Image: p1090934f.jpg]
[Image: p1090938l.jpg]
[Image: p1090944kv.jpg]
[Image: p1090944kv.jpg]
[Image: p1090934r.jpg]
[Image: p1090935v.jpg]
[Image: p1090937q.jpg]
[Image: p1090939m.jpg]
[Image: p1090942z.jpg]

painted a glass on my desk with a bit of water in it and a lamp above it in a dark room, 1h
[Image: study003.jpg]
[Image: p1090945v.jpg]

[Image: p1090949t.jpg]
[Image: p1090951t.jpg]
[Image: p1090952w.jpg]
[Image: p1090953m.jpg]
[Image: bunny001.jpg]
[Image: wacomstore.jpg]
[Image: gladiatorn.jpg]

hey dude, welcome !! I suggest you to draw a lot more and do less painting, and maybe the few painting only in black and white to help you better understand values structure and form ! Keep it up !!

Hey HannesD, welcome to Crimson Daggers. I'm glad you made your sketchbook and posted already so many things. Keep up with studying and be stuborn :D Work hard and have a lot of fun while doing it. Good luck^^

thx for the encouragement
@ kikindaface i was planning to do more lineart
but i would love to know why you suggest that

[Image: perspective03.jpg]
[Image: heads002.jpg]
[Image: heads001.jpg]

[Image: p1090957f.jpg]
[Image: p1090956.jpg]
[Image: p1090955.jpg]
[Image: p1090954q.jpg]
[Image: p1090958j.jpg]
[Image: p1090959.jpg]

hey dude, i suggested that because you're better at painting than at drawing, and you always need to push your weaknesses in order to improve well ! When painting will be your main weakness, you'll draw less and paint more, etc etc !!^^ and btw, i find your painting lacks a bit of contrast ! doon't hesitate to exagerate a bit the photo study, because values on a photo are not exactly right !! keep it uuup !!!

practicing lineart
trying to construct from imagination (but using ref, different poses)

[Image: char002.jpg]
its difficult
and alsost everything is wrong
trying to use as much ref as i can

[Image: anatomy001.jpg]
[Image: anatomy002legs.jpg]
[Image: anatomy004pose.jpg]

[Image: p1090960z.jpg]

[Image: anatomy006legs.jpg]

Hi HannesD, lots of cool studies going on, nice work!
I see you're making a lot of poses from imagination, I think that's awesome and you should keep going! There's a really great set of books on gesture drawing called Drawn to Life by a guy named Walt Stanchfield who taught at Disney, you might want to look into getting those, they're extremely helpful for learning how to make poses where all the body parts work together to tell the story, instead of just being there on the body.
and here are some tips from a spongebob storyboard artist, the style is much more cartoony than you're going for but the concepts might help you.

I think in your anatomy studying you may want to go back and study the skeleton for a while before learning the muscles and fleshy forms, it doesn't seem like you have a complete grasp of the forms of the bones or the ways they move. Learning all the muscles won't be very helpful if you don't know what they're built over, so it's more important to know the bones, and especially the different kinds of joints on the body and how the function. I saw a diagram next to your legs showing the knee as a ball-and-socket joint like the ankles, but if that's the way the bones were built there we'd be able to move our shins left and right instead of just forward and backwards.

Good luck with your studies! :D
it actually is not a ball joint :p it's supposed to be one like in a door
but it doesnt look clear because it's drawn in frontview
and you are right, i still dont grasp the basic stickfigure enough
but doing them all day is sometimes a bit tedious so i try to mix it up
thx for the feedback

[Image: gesture001.jpg]
[Image: gesture002.jpg]
[Image: gesture003.jpg]
[Image: gesture004.jpg]

[Image: p1090961y.jpg]
[Image: p1090964e.jpg]
[Image: p1090965c.jpg]
[Image: p1090966.jpg]

[Image: hannesdelbeke3.jpg]

[Image: p1090969z.jpg]
[Image: p1090970v.jpg]
[Image: p1090972am.jpg]
[Image: p1090973.JPG]
[Image: p1090974k.jpg]
[Image: p1090975h.jpg]
[Image: p1090976td.jpg]
[Image: p1090977n.jpg]
[Image: p1090978t.jpg]
[Image: p1090979p.jpg]
[Image: p1090980.JPG]
[Image: p1090981m.jpg]
[Image: p1090982.jpg]
[Image: p1090983v.jpg]
[Image: p1090984p.jpg]

musle practice
[Image: arm001.jpg]

[Image: p1090985q.jpg]
[Image: p1090986.jpg]
[Image: p1090987.jpg]
[Image: p1090988a.jpg]
[Image: p1090989jt.jpg]
[Image: p1090989jt.jpg]
[Image: p1090990a.jpg]
[Image: p1090991.JPG]
[Image: p1090992l.jpg]
[Image: p1090993q.jpg]
[Image: p1090994t.jpg]
[Image: p1090995.jpg]
[Image: p1090996u.jpg]
[Image: p1090997.jpg]

[Image: anatomy007back.JPG]

[Image: easternx.jpg]
[Image: p1100004l.jpg]
[Image: p1100007d.jpg]
[Image: p1100009.jpg]
[Image: p1100010h.jpg]


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