Nordic Hack and Slay Rpg Project
Me and My Brother want to do a hack and slay rpg.
im going to do the art and he is going to do the programming ;O.
lets see how far we come =)

here are the first sketches for the characters

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Great idea! I can't wait to see what comes out.

Nice start!

As a programmer myself I have to know :p What language is your brother going to be programming in? :p

Are you gonna keep it 2D or 3D? :)
this sounds like mountains of work, but completely doable imo.
Also, do you already have an idea of how it is going to be? 2d or 3d? third person? isometric?
cant wait to see more!

we are going to use Unity. the game is going to be 3D so i also have to do som 3D stuff and texturing. I think the enviroment and houses are going to be 2,5D like in Diablo3. My Brother is going to write in c# in unity. For the 3D im going to use Blender like i do at work.

this is going to be fun ;O cant wait to see the first time a character is running around.

started to render the first concept more out. still WIP

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This looks super promising. For an RPG I am hoping to see lots of cool gear. I'll be hanging around here.

So here is the first 3d model ;O im not a fan of modeling but i tried to give my best. And the blueprint i did for it.

the texture is just a quick test and the hair look like shit i just blopt them in.. that we can have a dummie faster

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sketch of one of the characters

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dummiewolf 3d model

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short video about current game-progress.
texture of the ground is a standard texture of unity.

still much to do, must of the stuff you can sea is still in progress.


some updates =)

the character has more attack animations
and we started to try some environment stuff

little sketch.
im going to do more of this just to
gather ideas.

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Looking really good! Can't wait to see more. :)

New Progress Video ;O
the Character and the pet can now reach level.
and the wolf can attack ;P

sketch <3

Nice progress mate...keep it coming!

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wooo go for it! :D

Super cool to see your dedication! Thumbs up! :)


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