Nika's Sketchbook
Hello, my name is Nicoleta and I'm drawing for a couple of years and I'm very interested in getting better in drawing and everything related.
I'd be glad if I'd receive some advice thus please feel free to comment and / or criticize my stuff. I really want to develop and improve my skills any way I can.


2h study

Deer character design

A new piece

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Just a study

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Elf oracle

Today's sketch

Same old same old.

Today's practice. Cheers!

hey there
some cool things in this sketchbook
i like the salamander/tiger so much :D
your paintings often feel a little deformed, and the value is also soemtimes off
so it might be interesting to see you do a few black and white paintings
and some lineart, where you only focus on form and not on shadows etc
keep practicing !

hannesD thx for you kind words, I try to do my best, working day and night to improve my style.

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Hello Nicoleta,
I see that you posted already a lot of your works. Keep up with studies and always practice with them.
I would suggest you to study some soft surfaces to add that softness in your paintings. Also, on your Lara Croft piece- it would be much better if you focused on character and left background "less important" as blur it out and make colors tiny bit colder. Its always good to bring up warmer colors in front and colder in back. Also you have to see where is the focus so not everything will be sharp and brought in front :)
Keep up with good work.

Thank you very much Kristina for your kind words and advices. I just got Color and light and it's a great book and I've learned a lot of things from it.

Heya Nika... nice consistent start to your sketchbook and i already see a bit of improvement showing through. My advice for your skin tones in particular is to really focus on getting smoother value transitions between your regions of light and shadow and maybe blending between areas a bit more. Also since you are doing predominantly character work, do studies of the skull as well as musculature and anatomy. Suzanne Helmhighs portrait class in the mentoring section has some great exercises for you to do that I think would really help as there is an underlying structure to the face mostly around the eye sockets and brow ridge that i think you aren't quite getting yet. Keep pushing!

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Hey Nika, great start and determination to go from start to finish on your stuff. This is a really valuable approach. I see you have already received similar advice, but I think you have some great potential. If you could manage to take some time to do simple studies of perspective, and anatomy, as well as maybe work in grayscale alone to master values your pieces will improve greatly!!! I don't mean to be rude, but taking an image where the anatomy is off, or the perspective is off or values are off and pushing to finish is just wasted time and mileage. I think you could spend that time to better the underlying image before worrying about color. As a result, you appear to be a greater artist. Which is what we all want, especially for you right!?!lolz. Also try to use larger brush strokes when possible. Anyways, you have it, just sharpen it and the sky's the limit!! Keep grinding.
monkeybread, I STRaY I Thanks for your comments. I will try my best, those are good pieces of advice.

New studies, trying to improve in anatomy

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Noha's camp Week 1 Composition

Bouguereau studies from today.


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