Here's my image.

Not sure if it's too dark and saturated or not. It looks alright on one monitor, but looks too dark on the other and I don't know which one shows it correctly

[Image: f57z.jpg]


My name is Mirko and I've been lurking for some time around here, and decided to enter this challenge

here is my final image

[Image: Starveil+final.jpg]

and some different versions

[Image: Starveil+covers.jpg]

At the moment I have some problems with my bandwidth so I'll introduce myself properly in a couple of days
After seeing the cost of the flight I sorta lost my thunder. I had lots of freelance to work on anyway but this project seemed to be tailored to my tastes. I regretfully post this unfinished work. I will probably finish it in the near future. I actually showed it to a client and got a new project because of it so its not totally a waste.
NOTE: This was meant to be placed directly on the Facebook Page for the challenge and I had no intention of providing references. This is a WIP but there does not seem to be a place for WIPS on this project (I think).

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Due to the difficulty uploading to Crimson Dagger yesterday, I upload the submission for the Challenge now. Thanks! :D

I''ve no plans on going to Bali so I'll not be posting this on the facebook page.

Here's my work. Thanks :)

[Image: starveil_coverfinal_zps654db29c.jpg]

My shot at Starveil

[Image: Mfch0V9.jpg]
[Image: 77E0mJf.jpg]
[Image: AB48YZn.jpg]

progress shots and final below. =d

my entry

Hope it's not too late

edit: added few corrections

I know I'm late, but in the middle of doing this I wanted to stop doing it 'cos I didn't like it, but, anyway, I finished it so here it is...

I muddled up the dates and thought we had to the 10th to do this so i cant enter it to the contest, BUt thought id still post it anyway !

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