WDC 4: Lazarau
Planet Name: lazarau
Age: 0.5B Years
Topology: Archipegalo
Environment: dark, haunted , surreal, Distorted,
Civilization Tech level: exceeds human perception
Cultural type:, Psychedelic (Acid), futurism, spiritual, horror
Creature Consciousness: rare sentience

Description: A lot had been rumoured about the isolated planet in the tau sector. scaremongering and foolish chatter. The planet was an important but badly maintained offworld colony, left to rot among the outer edges of the empire. Comms had gone down recently and we had been sent to figure out what was happening.... It wouldnt be long now, the colony would be brought in line, and the mindless gossip would stop.

On touchdown:

stepping off the ship, u feel a slight tingling sensation creep slowly up ur spine, there is something... strange about this place, its got this weird rushing vibe. Flowing. U feel like someone is trying to communicate with you. Like they are calling your name.... but it doesnt. matter. Your crew mates, their... their faces seem different, Unrecognisable.

Something feels terribly wrong here, and the blood rushes to your head... stumbling around, u search frantically for any signs of normality, a chair, a transmitter even a drink... But nothing appears to be the same. Gripped with confusion u start to slow clasp tightly ur mask.

Its just not right.... Something doesnt feel right here. And then the screaming starts.

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Hi, would love to get some feedback on these designs :)/

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i though that underwater arabian world was my favourite, but this is even better!
So this world is kinda like a hellish dimension? maybe like the stuff in hellraiser or Warhammer 40K?
I really like these designs, and the black red color makes a good scary vibe, but at the same time is more difficult to appreciate the designs, you may consider make the linear more clearly visible and save the scary/disturbing look for more advanced phases of the design.

If you want some additional inspiration, you definitely could look at the Berserk manga which have really disturbing creatures and locations with the same vibe you are trying to achieve.

awesome! thnx man!

Edit: K also yea, its open for interpretation, the only things it has to be is horror, surreal, psychadelic and spiritual. yea its a pretty hard one but fun, crazy as fuck. I think the whole hell thing is just the way we kinda went with it cos we r quake fans etc.

Hey, sorry im a little lost as to what im looking at in some of these. Maybe its the red on black? Alex Gray and Giger are a good jumping off point so you are probably going in the right direction. You should look at Wayne Barlowes Hell books.
thnx! yea i think its just that they are really ruff and undefined. just kinda exploring so it was all messy.

EDt: Never heard of wayne barlow ill check him out thnx!

My stuff is finished!

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Ok so this week me and jarkuzy decided to try do a joint one.

was intense

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In addition to Yololex's post..the environments

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Hey everybody!!

Did a quick sketch based off the prompt and thought I would share it!

What do you guys think?

@jarkuzy - Great environments. How do you get those effects on the last one, is that smudge tool maybe?? Really cool stuff :)

Blewzen -Thanks! That effect is actually just radial blur (on merged pic) and then erase the area of the focal point, leaving the edges blurred :p

Brynklord -cool stuff man!

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