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Quote:One more freelance piece, client said the girl in the first pic needed to be changed, because mainly looked like whore and it needed boobs xD so second pic is the final.

Damn, I really like first design better, especially the face/hair. It really fit better with the demon theme too. Nice to see you considering temperature of colors on the second illustration, keeping them organized will really help your images.

I agree with Chroma, really liked the first design with that cyberpunky hair. I don't get it though, did the client think she looked less like a prostitute and wanted to amp it up? :P
Ah well it's an awesome illustration anyways! Very nice palette and I like the roughness of the demon.

@ramalooke: Thanks! I keep working on it. WIP below.
@chromatinker: I still like the look of the first girl version too, but anyway the guy pays me so.. haha Thanks!
@bjulvar: Thanks dude! You're right with the increase of breasts thing haha i guess the guy wanted a less punk looking because it was a bit what i was going for. The colors were a bit pain in some moments but im happy with the result :)

Another commission, this one was very challenging because of so many different creatures fitting in the same background.
[Image: 4320UA2.jpg]

Wip of the colossus:

[Image: GRgSdfG.jpg]

30 minutes speedpaintings of the daily spitpaint facebook group, topics are: sandstorm and vegetable golem:

[Image: MtqgUyM.jpg]

[Image: 7H5SQwU.jpg]

i really like this last speed paintings! specially the golem.
That wip looking good too, looking forward to see it finished.

hey man. really like the paintings youve been putting up in the last posts.
the colosus and sandstorm ones have a great feel to them and nice brushwork

"If you want liberation in this life, there is no area that you do not watch. Watch the breathing, watch the posture, watch the flow of energy, watch the texture of the mind, watch the response to objects." - Namgyal Rinpoche
Thanks a lot guys!

Here is the final colossus piece and a quick cyborg sketch.

[Image: 1pEoDzB.jpg]

[Image: GGPoctj.jpg]

Reminds me of a quote of my former docent:
"There are to few evil main characters playable in games nowadays."

Although, I think your colossus piece could use some more rendering.
Nice stuff anyway, I especially like the left arm of the cyborg.

[Image: sig_vas.png]
Twitter: @evasburg
Thanks Vasburg!

Random stuff from the last days. First is a commission. Second one is a first idea for Zhenar'k (alien race concept) for "Scions", something I will hopefully develope someday. Third is a sketch of Idon'tknowwhat/jedi.

[Image: N272P6M.jpg]

[Image: EecJr2O.jpg]

[Image: AiWqmma.jpg]

I like the commission. Nice armor, with all those wing design and spikes. The sketches look nice as well, but I somewhat miss a focus point. Rough is fine with me, but it would help if some part were a bit more detailed or had harder edges, same goes for the speedpaintings from earlier.
I like the colossus ... you always use such striking color combinations!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
How come I miss all those updates? I need to start subscribing to all threads I'm following ;). As always really cool stuff. I love the collossus piece. It lacks a bit contrast so maybe it's a thing you might consider pushing. Side of that awesome stuff. Keep it up ;3

Thanks for the tips lyraina and ramalooke :)

Here is some random shit

[Image: 6hnAl41.jpg]

[Image: 7VWQhcK.jpg]

[Image: qSmnSYL.jpg]

[Image: JD3A4l5.jpg]

[Image: mDehA7U.jpg]

Killing it dude! I like the texture brushes you use, but its all looking a little chalky in my opinion, try adding spaces of less texture for the eye to rest. Just my opinion though, so you don't have to follow it :P Could just be the style you are going for.

I like how you are playing with a lot of different perspectives for your images. But don't neglect your anatomy studies :)

Keep on keeping on man, looking forward to seeing more.

The hyena (?) piece is really cool, could be straight out of a creepy movie. Really like that muddy brown/blueish color scheme. The two above that are a bit too saturated for my liking... missing something to balance the heavy colors.
Happy holidays :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Awesome updates mate. I love those sketches. Can't wait to see moar! @_@

@Jaik: That's true, I love textures too much, thanks.
@Lyraina: Thanks! and yea they we're kinda saturated.
@Ramalooke: Thank you mate!

Starting 2014 with some freelance work and a landscape that came out from experimenting.

[Image: RxMYZ2k.jpg]

I started the landscape with this quick sketch. Kind of explanation on how I worked this image here:

[Image: 7wBOftW.jpg]


[Image: eNCFSpE.jpg]

With outline

[Image: XFCOKq7.jpg]

That is an interesting approach, I didn't think of using filters for sparking imagination yet. Thanks for sharing, will have to try that :)

Zombie looks cool. Can't decide if I should look into his eyes, forehead or mouth. Everything scares me :P

Have a splendid 2014 :)

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Awesome start of the new year dude!
Really like the latest experimentation piece, thought I actually prefer it with the lineart! I suppose that I miss the darker values in the rendered version. But it still looks sweet!
Great texture work on that zombie too, I want to stick my finger in that scarring. That's how tasty it is.

Whoa. Really awesome work. Love the wat you handle textures in your work. Background in the portrait image could use some tweaks. I feel those standing dudes could blend more to the background and fit more into perspective. But this is only problem I have with this image. Side of that great job. Oh and I love this dust effect you did. Do you mind going a bit more in depth how you did it? Thanks and keep it up!

Wicked stuff man. Looking real good. With the zombie, the cranium looks like it could be a littttttllleeee too big, but that could just be me being picky lol or it could also be the angle. Other than that it looks really cool. Really nice colours in the environment and interesting approach too, I shall have to give that a try.

Thanks a lot guys!
@Lyraina: Feel free to try stuff like what I explained in that pic, experimenting is so fun and it can bring fresh and new ideas for your paintings. Have a nice year you too!

@Bjulvar: Is true something was missing in the rendered version maybe something with the values and that's why I ended up doing the linework. Thx man I really tried to nail the texturing in the zombie pic.

@Ramalooke: Hey thx mate, by dust I'm guessing you mean the embers and particles in the air, basically I used custom brushes that spread dots and shapes then I blured some of them with lens blur and I used dodge tool to make some of 'em brighter. Hope is useful!

@Jaik: The cranium is a little bigger than it should, but when I was painting it I didn't care of it a lot since those guys are zombies/demons so it can make more of a creature appearance. Thanks a lot and I suggest you to experiment stuff even if you end up with nothing, is fun. :)

All this time I was painting with a 22"samsung tv of horrible resolution but finally I bought a monitor, is pretty cheap it has IPS and stuff looks neat :). I've been like sick and stuff these days but never stopped painting so here is a bunch of things.

Card illustrations from some weeks ago:
[Image: M1Qe6XQ.jpg]

I'm horrible doing hands...
[Image: WZZre9N.jpg]

A bookcover for a close person:
[Image: TO9qnE7.jpg]

And personal random stuff.
[Image: WGKrjbn.jpg]

[Image: Iy4jcj6.jpg]

tentacle alien for fun:
[Image: 5F4Ah4t.jpg]

40min sketch:
[Image: 7qpVvZk.jpg]

something I've started:
[Image: czF9V8a.jpg]


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