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Working to improve myself as not only 3d artist but also 2d I feel for me knowing both is not just important but also a hell of alot of fun Here is my study progress so far on female torso I worked on in the hangout.

[Image: 1374205_600638439978850_1047417925_n.jpg]
On to another study
[Image: 1378416_601176973258330_1368076343_n.jpg]
colored it for fun
[Image: 1395452_601192336590127_1807035719_n.jpg]
I tried to paint a still form continuum although i am not happy with it I learned alot on this project. I think I will try to do some quick stills tomorrow going straight to color. This was alot harder then I though but I had fun with it. I know the anatomy is horrible on the female. I need to practice more.
[Image: 1382279_603174526391908_485602434_n.jpg]
Hey Gary, on your anatomy, you just gotta keep studying and applying what your learning is all. Construction is key. also on the question in the shoutbox about if its better to start in color - It's really up to you. I find I kinda prefer starting in greyscale and adding color later on stuff. It's good to try both ways out though.

Keep us posted Man, I want to see more of your sculpts to!

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Thanks man I could do a heck of alot better with my anatomy. I should of took more time with this one in the beginning construction thats where I messed up. I spent most of yesterday doing loomis studies from Fun With A Pencil. It's harder on a tablet I am going to do some sketches of what I learned I have more control with pencil. As far as my coloring in this still goes I did I go overboard with blending modes I believe I used the wrong one or rather I have the wrong ones below the right ones, if that makes sense. I find I have better control when I tape a piece of printer paper to my wacom tablet, it has a more natural feel to me.

Just experimenting [Image: 1391531_604475322928495_933843055_n.jpg]

work on a new painting having a blast
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=49426&d=1381892978]

Practicing 2D will improve you 3D skill a lot! It's good decision, try to get to basics, check , Proko youtub channel or even invest some money to buy Loomis books. You can find more resources on forum thread And keep it up!

Just like Madzia said. Doing basics is soooo important! Once you get a better foundation on the drawing side, it will be easier to paint. As for the wacom, it takes some time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you won't notice anything going from wacom to pencil or the other way around.

I have done basics and purchased some control paint videos before never watched them though. I have done alot of pencil studies nothing recently though. Here is some of my traditional stuff its on this thread its a bit old though

I realized why I felt discouraged. For one thing my wacom wasn't working properly or rather I had to delete all the registry from installing wacom drivers over the years. I also realized my strokes aren't as good as they could be, the reason being is I'm a lefty. When I work traditionally in pencil I smear the crap out of my work on the side of my palm. So I need to buy one of those smudge guards because when it comes to long strokes on my intuous the side of my pinky messes up my line. I started fun with a pencil drawings as well just haven't posted them yet. I am going to actually retry that soon. I have some michael hampton books I had bought and never used and book on perspective so just trying to attack all my weaknesses and become a better artist. All this digital painting has me wanting to try other mediums like traditional painting on canvas.

Thank you both for the comments.

here is something I did today bit at work in the office and have no wacom
[Image: 1375099_604936236215737_1266859762_n.jpg]

(10-16-2013, 11:11 PM)nufftalon Wrote: I also realized my strokes aren't as good as they could be, the reason being is I'm a lefty.
I'm left handed too! :) Did you tried any other software to paint? I hate PS because of trembling strokes I prefer working in SAI

(10-16-2013, 11:11 PM)nufftalon Wrote: When I work traditionally in pencil I smear the crap out of my work on the side of my palm.
For that you have to start drawing from right side of paper to left, the smudge guards will only protect your hand from getting dirty not your drawing.

I haven't actually I own sketchbook pro which I love for the symmetry aspect, I have painter but it runs slow with the brush strokes, SAI I have heard of but never tried. I can draw better lines on paper still. I hope the smudgeguard can allow my pinky to slide smoothly on the wacom surface it is does then it will work for me. I started doing that a little from right to left but I like to jump all over the place when I work. I will have to experiment I guess. By the way if anyone wants to learn some 3d or digital sculpting let me know. We can all help each other out.

I can see the problem with the wacom, and your hand not sliding on the surface. If you have an old cotton glove laying around, you can use that as a smudge guard on the wacom. And if you just want it to cover your pinky. You can cut off the other fingers with a pair of scissors. I did that for a while, worked perfectly! :)

When you draw on paper, you can lay a fresh sheet of paper over the parts that your hand tends to smudge. Then put your hand on top of that piece of paper. You will at least not smudge the drawings up that way. Just a thought.

As for drawing, If you start copying those Michael Hampton drawings and then try drawing them from imagination, you'll get really far with form and anatomy! :)

thanks Eraiasu I will try that definitely. Should I run through the loomis books first and then do the michael hampton or it doesnt really matter?

You could do them both parallel? :) On alternating days maybe? The most important thing is that you practice fundamentals. Both books will teach you some of that. They have both great info so either way, you won't go wrong :)

Here is my Michael Hampton Studies for the night. Loomis tomorrow!
[Image: KYxjhHe.jpg]
[Image: HhHQjem.jpg]
[Image: 2FIDUv0.jpg]
[Image: EVEB0pT.jpg]
[Image: mgmRq7P.jpg]
[Image: M4E5al0.jpg]
[Image: BwJPTu6.jpg]
[Image: ItA7pSw.jpg]
[Image: HAgqxVU.jpg]
[Image: tMzijwq.jpg]
[Image: xceqxbC.jpg]
[Image: 6GZ23O0.jpg]
[Image: 37yVYbB.jpg]
[Image: KXdi0Tt.jpg]
[Image: QeccM7E.jpg]
[Image: giEykxg.jpg]
[Image: GuzGP1S.jpg]
[Image: nMXuqpo.jpg]
[Image: q9f8Qjf.jpg]

Hey nufftalon, lots of hard work, I love that!

So long as you keep studying and applying what you learned, no matter how hard or frustrating it is and will inevitably get, you will only get better and better :)

I'm already seeing that energy that is oh-so very important in gesture drawings, your lines are looking good as well ~ just yeah, remember to always try and keep a 50/50 study to application ratio, it's key in growth, though I'm sure you knew that :P

It'll be interesting to see what you learn from Loomis!

Keep up the good work nufftalon!
(p.s. I really like saying your name lol)

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I've come to realise how posting in my daggers sketchbook kept me accountable... I'm going to try to lean into that again and see how I go.
It's about time I train to get a stronger grip on the fundamentals

Thanks Smrrfette my names means Nuff Talon (Talon of the claws it refers to) Enough Talent or more then Enough Talent is the translation I came up with. My old name was Warhawk but I grew out of that one haha.

By 50/50 application do you mean study half the time and apply what you learned to your own studies the other half? Or don't spend all your time studying? Not really sure still but yeah I am gonna start the Fun with a pencil today! I'm going to take my time more with this one.

I saw you started a group to attack weaknesses. That's cool would love to be apart of that.


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