Wills sketches
Hey Everyone I just wanted to post some of my artwork some are of celebrities and some are not hopefully I can add more sketches after I post I have like a million sketches. Here they are!!!

Here is my daily sketch 1st along with some other sketches I wanted to post!!!

very good

Thanks GTstyling32!!! first off..

I was reading through my andrew loomis books and came up on different ways to light a portrait face I am glad I did this exercise because now I can add a bit of light and shade to my portraits to make them more dramatic. My scanners not the best but I wanted to share my progression to becoming a great artists. Cheers! :D

Here is some more stuff I wanted to post!!! Cheers!
Will Insane, ecstatic

I wanted to add some new stuff to this site I was wondering how people felt about deviant art do they like it or hate it? Shock

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