Xizt sexy sketchbook
Hey thats my last DP =D live your comment please =D

This is my deviantart check out ! http://x1zt.deviantart.com
And my CAsketch http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthr...p?t=266767

2014 =D
[Image: lion.png]

This is Old but cool =D i made this last year in 2012 haha =D
[Image: hellomyfriend_by_x1zt_d5zygxt.png]

2013 i really like this!
[Image: naziskull.jpg]
These images are too tiny to see much, but the lighting of the 2nd one could use more contrast - stronger highlights - to grab and hold more attention to it, like how the 3rd image is doing. Make the images bigger next time, but not so big that they don't fit on computer screens. I think somewhere around 1000 pixel wide or 900 pixel tall as max.

tiny? the first one have 1400x1700 oO

(01-03-2014, 02:26 AM)xizt Wrote: tiny? the first one have 1400x1700 oO

That's odd, it's the size of a stamp on my screen, and when I clicked, it doesn't expand or open in new window...

strange =/

hey xizt, thanks for the tip :D I'll get into the b&w studies soon. Monday starting my own 50 week challenge. I appreciate the comment. I've looked on your CA sketchbook. More stuff on it :) As a comment on that sketchbook. Plz upload some "doodles, sketches, anything" in here aswell :) I always like seeing the progress, studies and what people are up to, in order to improve :D

Thank you very much jhonny i will upload for sure =D


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