Janos´ Sketchbook
great stuff :)

Dude your stuff has gotten so good! You really applied your studies. Great job man. I cant wait to see more from you
Thanks guys !

One of my study today. Just grabbed my bag plot it on my table and painted it.

Didn't render it complete the idea was to capture the essence of leather.

Still want to get better in rendering materials.

Cheers !

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This is a American rifleman inspired character sketch I did two month ago.

The design is kinda boring but I am still work on that part of my process. Currently I am working with a good fried together on our skills to push us even more. I feel this is the best way to progress between all the other stuff we have to manage on the daily bases.

What really important in character design is to really nail the pose/attitude/face to capture the emotion you want to create.

I messed the right arm up a bit. I saw that to late or I was not really aware of it. I also spend like tons of time render this guy. I did aaaaaa lot of material studys everyday in my free time. But still I'm not on the level I want to achieve so sharing is not necessary.

It is still a marathon not a sprint. So it is easy to say for me I reallyyy enjoy the process of learning this things.

Life is great !


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Hi Janos! Love your work! The facial expression, the pose are super cool. If I may nitpick a bit, the line work might need a little bit of love. Thicker lines when the thing is in the forefront, thinner lines if it recedes back to the background. Thicker lines when an object casts a shadow (eg. the belt might need a thicker line at the bottom.) Thinner when it's catching light.

And boy can you render the hell out of anything. Inspiring stuff!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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@John Hey! Thanks for the nice words really appreciated. Yeah you right with this. Have nice week :)

Just some sketches from my sketchbook this time :)

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sketchbook study  :)

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Hey people :D

I did not knew that this forum is still alive :D A friend of mine told me a year ago that this forum is dead :D

But I have seen some people which are still active making serious progress the last year :D

Thats super inspiring.

Well I also was not unproductive.

I actually finished my Industrial Bachelor and I also went for freelancing in movies for couple month and then I reached my goal which I have set in september 2014 :D

I work as Concept Artist in a video game company. So it took me 4 years and a lot of hard work lol.

And the journey has just begun. 

I created a tone of work the last years I wasnt active in here, but I feel like I would take way to long to post all of that. 

If you want to see some of those pieces feel free to go on my Instagram :D I also will start a youtube channel soon on concept art and the fullfilling journey of concept art, maybe it is interesting for you so feel free to check it out youtube.

Never stop drawing people !!! and never give up !


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