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(copied from my intro thread)
Hello Crimson Daggers! I'm Samuel Herb, a 19 year old student artist.
For the past three years, I've been meandering around the artsy side of the internet and working to improve my skill. While I've made some substantial progress in that time, I feel like I'm beginning to slow down quite a bit. That's why I came here- to get a fresh kick in the ass, and hopefully meet some new friends!
I'f you want to see some of my work, you can saunter on over to my tumblr blog or my DeviantArt page

Alright- lets kick this sketchbook off with a few hand studies!
Critiques on my work is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum!
Nice studys and the paintings on your deviantart look awesome!
Im looking forward to see more paintings from you.

Thanks, Lex!
Here's a few design sketches for a small personal project I'm working on-

Welcome to the forum :) Some nice sketches you have here. You should post up a couple of pieces of your old work so that people can get more of a feel of your style without having to wander too far.

Put a link to your SB in your signature and then comment on some peoples sketch books, I found thats the easiest way to get the ball rolling and get a feel for the forum :)

You have come to the right place if you want to be pushing hard at your art :)

Thanks for the tips, Jaik! I'll be sure to get my signature up soon.
I was planning on using this sketchbook strictly for new work, but I'll consider posting some oldies too.

Here's a digipaint I did today...I'm trying to work more alla prima-

Sweet, someone the same age as me :P

I looked at your DA, you've got some nice paintings in there. I like how crisp and clean a lot of your stuff is, kinda the opposite of mine lol. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Welcome! :) Nice and fresh stuff you got there, curious about the upcoming ones!

@JJ_Aaron Yeah...I used to be really sketchy, but I've been starting to use a lot more lasso tool to clean up my edges

@Kaffer Thanks!

Here are some quick cloud studies from today...I've been meaning to draw more, but school has kept me pretty busy :(

I think my brushwork looks really forced and unsexy...gotta work on that.

ahhaha this is so bad. I'm tryin' to get out of my comfort zone with digital linework, but I really suck at it. Oh well, posting anyway-

Love those cloud studies, the values are really nice! The digital line work looks good, it feels loose :) I look forward to seeing more!

Thanks, Mayenla!

Here are a few sketches from today, and a work in progress-

I'm having a lot of trouble getting the colors to look right in this one.

digital doodle from today-

just got a new sketchbook! Here's hoping I fill it up by the end of the year-

I like the cloud studies a few posts back, though a bit hard edged all around, making them look like rocks to me at first, but a nice sense of light in those! If color's giving you trouble, I'd say paint black & white or simply get some good reference. Have you seen Feng Zhu's videos on youtube? The way he gets color for his environments is pretty neat.

Thanks for the crit, Raz!

I probably should have rendered those clouds differently...I'm still experimenting with photoshop brushes, so I don't always know which will work best.

Feng is a boss when it comes to painting straight in color. besides using photo bashes, he has a bunch of pallets premixed, which is really something I should start doing. (that would also make it easier to paint alla prima)
I do paint in grayscale sometimes, but the colors never have quite the same richness, and you end up having to paint over so much of the image that it's not usually worth it. I have found that adding color right after you get a loose grayscale composition can be pretty useful. (I probably should have done that)
And yes- reference reference reference.

Here's a few foot studies with digital line-

I'm trying to get that sexy "Sinix style" line work

Looking really cool man. Those feet look real nice. Keep up the good work, looking forward to that WIP being finished :)

Thanks Jaik! I decided to ditch the colors of that one and finish it in black and white.

Hey Daggers! I just started a webcomic/askblog thing over on tumblr!
check it out if you're into that kinda stuff-

another sketchbook page, another wip-

'nother sketchbook page and a charcoal study of my feet

I started doing this spitpainting thing that seems to be so popular these days. the prompts were, really big train, and surrounded by paperwork. 30 minutes each


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