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Hey Daggers! I posted on here like a billion years ago.
I'm back and I'm ready to make some art progress.
You can see my portfolio here:

Let's start things off with some recent photostudies-
[Image: rock-photostudy.jpg]

[Image: 032317-photostudy.jpg]

Here's what I'm working on now-
[Image: balloon-drone.png]

I'm really trying to hone my illustration style- I made these new brushes I'm super stoked about.

Love those enviros <3 so simple but effective.

Welcome back! Nice improvement in brush economy since your first posts

Thanks! Yeah- I've been trying to work on brush economy lately.

Here's a quick painting from today-

I'm not super satisfied with the figure's posing, but I feel like I'm getting a handle on these new brushes. I'm trying to move away from my usual clean textureless style. Also I'm trying to copy this art boi:

Finished this one up today!

sweet stuff man! really reminds me of Atey Ghailans work, love your abstractions! Keep it up, I'm curious to see what you come up with next :)

Thanks Miracoly! Atey is a huge inspiration to me.

I'm doing this tshirt design- I would love some feedback on it. The proportions aren't quite working for me right now.

I'm working on a new illustration- I'm really going to try to push myself with this one.

Not sure I have the color dialed in yet :/

30 min spitpaint from today-

Really lovely works man, like your colour choices and especially those mecha designs.

(04-16-2017, 06:23 AM)AsodR Wrote: Really lovely works man, like your colour choices and especially those mecha designs.
Thanks! I really should do more mecha stuff.

Here's a spitpaint from today-

I'm still working on has been busy and I haven't gotten the chance to do much with it. (also working on some super secret projects)

ok, I'm gonna call this done. I'm not super happy with it, but I feel like I managed to push my style a little. I think most of the problems come from the original sketch :/ I really should spend more time on rough comps before I jump into painting.

 I'm trying to work a bit more like these guys:

[Image: samuel-herb-millenium-seed-old-mill.jpg?1492877530]

Your paintings have really gorgeous colors! Do you come from a warm place by chance?
Thanks! Naw- I live in Colorado.

Here's another spitpaint. I only have 2 more weeks of school, and then I can really start ass kicking.

I'm done with school (for now)!

I'm gonna try to improve my drawing skills for the next couple of days. I cover up too many of my mistakes with paint.

I started with some rough figure studies to get my brain thinking about proportions again-

also some rough sketches from whenever-

I like the guy rowing in the fog piece - great simplicity and shapes.

Keep going with the figure studies dude - it'll boost up your visual library and that'll turn you into an artistic tyrannosaur!

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CD Sketchbook

Thanks! I should be doing studies and stuff, but instead I've done this.

[Image: tumblr_opxd9x5ai51rz9inho1_1280.jpg]

It's Walucio.

some quick deer studies-


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