Hello strangers! I finally jumped ship from
old SB

Now some recent work -


still life

tb comp studies

some sketch from head..must study skin tones soon

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Some stuff from last week to today..yeah I kept putting off taking pics of my drawings.


*Warning!* nude person coming up

life drawing- 1-25 min


figures from photos , figures without ref

air craft studies, attempt at perspective form construction (ughhhh), and some spaceships based on others' designs with some changes

Animals! sketches, blah blah

film still study..guess which movie?

Hello again

I stumbled upon Thom Tenery's work recently and found myself drooling over his enviros. Many of his compositions feel quite lively. I did a few tb studies of his work and started a more detailed study.

Yesterday, I went to life drawing class again. Using pen for some of the drawings forced me to more carefully consider the placement of my lines..I wonder if I should go to another life drawing session this week..

Today I studied random animals and drew some gestures from paused frames of a wildlife video.

And I did a still life :3
~2.7 hr

I don't know what kind of brush you use or if you try to give yourself a style allready but have you try working with only a round brush?

My Sketchbook
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darktiste - Yeah, I've used round brushes before..I tried square brushes some time ago and kinda forgot about my brush settings. I'll have to switch around my brushes more often..

lol I keep forgeting to upload my work. Oh well. Sorry for the shitty pics- gotta find a better way of lighting the papers. Here's some of my recent stuff:

various studies including life drawing and drapery from life

a few pages from my sketchbook..

color studies!

naked woman

study of a film still from one of my favorite movies!

currently working on a study of a Thomas Moran painting-- 4 hrs so far

Hello again...I'm still drawing but also over thinking things too. I've realized that I need to do more finished pieces. Studies help of course but if I want to make pretty pictures, I should actually practice making them. Doh! So, my new goal is to create at least two pieces/projects per month, with the aim of pushing the limits of my skills.

Here's a WIP of piece #1 :

some studies

still life

holy schmao i love youre studies!
im going to steal the idea of doing studies and applying it , correcting mistakes with color pencils.
are those still life done on digital without pen pressure on?! it looks insanely well done ! the forms read right , the values are spot on . could you care to explain how you go about still lifes?

foxfire1345 - Thanks! Yeah, I didn't use pen pressure.. I should probably should experiment with my technique more. Well, I don't really have a particular process for still lives- just drawing what I see and trying to squint and get the colors down as accurately as possible.

Here's my first still life from last year along with a recentish second attempt at drawing an onion.

Now some poo i.e. attempts at making my own pieces. I've improved a lot at copying other pictures but I always feel like I'm running into a stone wall whenever I try to draw my own shit - even with reference. I know I just need to keep practicing but too often I fret over what and how I should be studying. Perhaps I should plan a week of study in advance and choose a main focus for that week such as the human figure or environments. Ughhh...

uhhh I kinda gave up on this one..

refed a Ivan Shishkin painting for the trees.. with poor results so far heh

Speaking of Ivan Shishkin.. here's a master study I'm working on. I love his forest landscapes..all those wonderful greens and purples and yellows..

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Incredible paintings. If you blend that, it's gonna look epic. +Great anatomy work as well. keep going!

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davidKatara - Thanks. I do need to work on blending.

A few tb studies + markings to feel out composition.

Some more work on the pink cabin. I used a bunch of forest reference though I dunno if they really helped.

And another crappy sketch. Interior lighting confuses me. XD

You have such a good grasp on color! Loving the studies, specially the landscape studies.

I'd really like to see a finished, fully rendered peice. It'd look awesome.

Rognoll - thanks, though I've only barely scratched the surface of color..

So, I've still been practicing..

some studies.

sketchies. I'm still working on pushing pieces to completion but I've gotten into the habit of starting a new color sketch every 1-2 days.

I really should paint more stuff besides rocks and trees :p

face study where I got lost in all the little colors on the side of the face


flower power. I plan to finish this one..

color scheme feels off..

maybe I'll scan some paper and pencil stuff tomorrow :3

Hello again..

still life

color scraps..spent too much on these. I think I should separate design from composition for now..otherwise I get caught up in scribbles. Gotta simplify and plan...oh and make more use of reference.

I'm terrible at finishing pieces but I was requested to make a holiday card. A shitload of planning went into the drawing...torturous but a good learning experience. Inially I only wanted to slap some colors on but of course I couldn't help myself...

and some sketches

As for anatomy, I'm looking at horses. No matter how many times I've studied various animals, I usually make the ribcage too thick in perspective. will practice more.

first some basic stuff- enviro tb studies, 3 values

color study ~1.7 hr

then I tried to apply it...

That holiday card is amazing! It looks like a still from an animated movie
Ultramarine- Thanks! I tried to make the characters' actions speak for themselves.

Well its the same old story again. I let myself get overwhelmed, neglecting my art study.....

Anyways, I'm again trying to reset my schedule and habits before my next major school project. I've started doing color studies again- aiming for 4-5 of them per week during school term.

Robert Henri study ~2.5 hr..botched the face ugh

landscapes are easier...~2.5 hr

tried to apply above landscape's colors >__>

I'll post drawings later today..

I'm about halfway through my school break and I've made some progress in my art. However, I could be drawing much longer and more efficiently. Lol I'm repeating myself but once school starts, I'll  have much less time to devote to art.  

I admire those people who can draw for 8-12 hrs a day but so far I barely hit 5 hr on my best days. Let's see if I can  hit 6 hr tomorrow. I also have to be more aggressive about scheduling my time. So tomorrow (ok later today : p) I'll focus on drawing cats (gesture warmup, anatomy, and some design) and some perspective (review even division thing, ramps/stairs?, enviro thumbnails). Then I'll work on a WIP. And I've loaded the internet resources I'll use so no excuses for not starting right away...

Ok enuff talk. Now some recent art stuff. 

life drawing!! 1-10 min.. 

color study + attempt at applying from head..ugh she looks sunburned!! 

Gouache still life. Omg I love gouache. So much easier to use than acrylics.


Don't worry, I fall into the same cycle of school taking up my art studying time. Even now when I'm off, I'm at work all afternoon (working for the summer 4-midnight) so I only get about 3-4 hours a day for drawing, if I don't get distracted by something like video games.

Your stuff is pretty good, though! Your color picking is solid, and your ability to not go crazy with blending your colors is something I admire, considering I struggle with it, hahah. Maybe try to look at your edges, though? Within the figure and outside, since all of your edges are very hard.

I'd like to see more from you, though, so keep it up!

I feel your pain with the school taking away from art time. I really like your stuff, the effect of no pressure sensitivity on your piece creates an interesting style, and seeing what you do if you add that would be really nice too. It's also really impressive. Keep up the cool work. ^^

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