Practicing like I don't care!
Ok, so now I decided to start a stream.

I am pretty new to the community and this is the next step for me to just be out there. I removed almost all of my games from my PC to be less distracted and for me the thought of being live on the internet while drawing is just a big motivational boost.

My stream will be a lot about practicing, doing studies and more practicing. I am also open to every kind of critique.

Anyway here is the link to my livestream ^^ I hope some of you will stop by.
>>My Livestream<<
Ok I guess I am done streaming for today.
I will let you know when my streaming-times are when I have figured them out :D

anyway here is my twitter, i will update when I stream (so i finally have a use for twitter XD)

Thanks for the ones that already stopped by today.
added to the livestream app

Switched to twitch:

You get updates still on twitter and also facebook

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