Howie's book of sketches
hi guys, this is my sketchbook...

some initial ideas for bloodsport 6, love to hear which one you guys like the best

loving these so far, middle one is my favorite
would be great to see the influences for the designs
look forward to seeing you progress!

thanks mindwrack, the middle one was my favorite too so i think that's the one I'm going with.

I want to go with a Tibetan theme, so here are some studies of Tibetan people...and yea his hat totally looks like a penis

[Image: refstud_01.jpg]

Woah nice paintings! Are you planning on keeping it very real-world rooted for the hunger? Just curious what approaches people are taking.

Steve Anthony Pierce
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thanks Steve, not sure what you mean by rooted for the hunger but I wanted to keep it believable and stay away from anything too magical but I also want him to still feel like he belongs to a fantasy world, very hard balance to get right.

anyway, love to hear anyone's thoughts on my character so far...I'll probably mess with the symbols/patterns later what I have now is just place holder

also, here is a quick study i did for his sleeves

awesome work howie! You have a good grasp on rendering. You seem to be having an issue with proportions, some of ur figures look a tad bit too short. Other than that, keep pushing!

thanks yog joshi

here are my finals for bloodsport 6

perfect example of studies into concept - really cool end result too!

thanks rich4rt

some doodles, done mostly with the lasso tool and soft round

[Image: lassobot.jpg] [Image: yellowbot.jpg]

[Image: batman.jpg]

hello Howie,
I like the studies you're doing, i keep repeating myself but i'm glad all you guys are doing a whole bunch of studies in here. Also nice to see your latest experiments, i like the last head thing, reminds me a bit of good old Andrew Ley. If you haven't seen his work yet, look it up, i think you might like it. It's a good thing to keep balance between hardcore study and experimenting with colors, techniques, textures and so forth.
Keep it up man!

Haha sorry about that - I meant "hunter" not hunger. I reread my own comment and was confused by it myself.

Those last paintings are really cool - using the lasso tool like that kind of gives a Burne Hogarth-y feel to them. Your HUNTER came out cool as well.. keep pushing!

Steve Anthony Pierce
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Thanks Sickbrush, I'm a long time fan of Andrew Ley :)

Thanks StevePierce, hahaha that makes a lot more sense now

thankfully I've been pretty busy with client work but here are some studies from the movie Valhalla Rising and life

[Image: vahallarisingstud_04.jpg]

[Image: vahallarisingstud_03.jpg]

[Image: vahallarisingstud_02.jpg]

[Image: vahallarisingstud_01.jpg]

[Image: skullstud2.jpg]

here are some more studies and 20 min comp sketches

[Image: compsketch01.jpg]

[Image: compsketch02.jpg]

[Image: compsketch03.jpg]

[Image: compsketch04.jpg]

[Image: radiostud.jpg]

[Image: sadbuddastud.jpg]

[Image: statuestud.jpg]

some more quick black and white comps

[Image: compsketch07.jpg]

[Image: compsketch06.jpg]

[Image: compsketch05.jpg]

[Image: compsketch08.jpg]

and some random doodles with lasso and soft round

[Image: botbot.jpg]

[Image: birdbot.jpg]

[Image: bugpeeps.jpg]

[Image: relax.jpg]

I like your b&w sketches, they remind me the pictures in the Framed Ink book <3 I see you like playing with shapes in your concepts, interesting, is it the lasso tool?

thanks isra, yea is the lasso tool and soft round brush

another robot and I started looking through the loomis book again

[Image: longredarms.jpg]

[Image: loomisgestures.jpg]

ooo those abstract shapes are really cool, great to design with

These lasso tool sketches are fun; I'd love to see what would happen if you decided to finish one out.


Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback

here are some life studs

[Image: fish_stud.jpg]

[Image: cat_stud.jpg]

decided kind of late to enter into the latest bloodsport and I'm not sure if im going to make the deadline, but here are some studies. Should have something to show you for the actual image tomorrow, finished or not. I love Kow Yokoyama mechs <3

[Image: refstuds01.jpg]

[Image: refstuds02.jpg]

also some leg studies

[Image: leg_studies01.jpg]


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