Hey guys, ok I´m new in this forum and in concept art in general, trying to make a stronger portfolio, so I decided to start with a little bit of character design, it will really help some feedback in here, thank you all and cheers!.

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I think character is definetly nice, I like body position and classic ( but someway creepy) clothing. I suggest you to add some more colours while painting skin, to make the Incarnato ( italian words that means all the colours that together give the idea of skin, sorry if I dunno english cersion) jumping out more. Hope it helps =)
Seems to me like he's the least efficient lumberjack on the planet, he's not cutting down any trees with that little axe. Surely a chainsaw at least?
Nice character. I like his body language and the over all mood he gives off. Its simply painted but does everything right.


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