Richie's the last chance sketchbook
Thanks Jyonny, good to see you back too!

Today I was just practicing anatomy and accuracy by copying out notes from Redink:

Trying to move more into painting so will try to go half line work with anatomy studies, half photoshop with artist studies. Once i get a few studies under my belt time to enter these CHOW thats im missing out on!

Todays bits and pieces
some gestures:

arm and hand studies

character invention not great but hey keep going

portrait studies using only 3 values

and some studies for fat in the face.

More of the same today.

arm studies:

More of the 3 values portraits, will try out full figures tomorrow

Tired copying out an animish character and posing her out, bof :/

And more to do with fat in the face

Spent yesterday working in charcoal pencils with still life and life drawing:
Still rushing too much with the assoro head, the proportions still a bit off but at least it doesn't looks like completely different models like when I started!
Gotta learn more about the face, getting a bit better with shading but need to follow the form better.

Your gestures are looking good. For the longer drawings try to stay loose like you are in your quick sketches for longer. Fight the urge to rush to details of the face and just keep mapping out shapes with light lines. Look at how Jeff Watts uses lines to map the shadow shapes before ever laying in tone. Oh and I signed up for the Watts online school btw :) Im learning a lot already and pushing myself harder than ever to get through all the figure phases. I feel pretty confident with heads so Im skipping to figures for now. You working on head phases I assume?

Hey Hypnagogic, yep just doing the head phase right now, got the Asaro head so just doing as many line studies from that, just in the abstract right now getting used to measuring proportions and angles. The Watts course just has so much to get through!
Not much to show for yesterday, was doodling mostly and just this one 3 value studies to show:

Started with some gestures, Think my line quality is going down probably from doing the more academic drawings with the Asoro head,

Anatomy studies:

Trying to get back to cartoony drawing by analysing disneys Tinkerbell, then trying to draw in different poses, hard to keep proportions but was fun to do.

And a sheet of Asoro head, getting closer :)

More Asaro heads taking my time on them now, instead of trying to speed through loads of drawings:

And life drawing from last night. Had a really muscle man guy was great to see all these muscle groups moving around, gotta work on mark making i'm not really taking advantage of the charcoal pencil and all the marks it can do.

Are you using photos of the asaro head? I found a free 3d model of one for sketch up
The download is near the bottom of the page under the image of the asaro head.

Hey! Your drawings are looking good, you seem to be focusing on your fundamentals which is a great place to start. I think what's letting you down is a lack of understanding of form. You're concentrating very hard on the lines and edges and not transferring the idea of 3d masses into your drawings. Hampton teaches this well, but otherwise try constructing your figures from 3D shapes like cubes and cylinders, this will improve your understanding : ) Keep up the hard work!

Hypnagogic_Haze: Thanks that model looks pretty accurate!
Eristhe: thanks as well, always looking for good feedback, I've got the Hampton book but haven't really gone into it will do for upcoming anatomy studies!

A round of life drawing:

And continuing from yesterday; tinkerbell and poses but getting more and more off model :P

Gotta push the comfort zone and go into more value painting.

Slow drawing day yesterday :(
Started with Asaro heads again:

then gesture found it hard going

and bridgeman copies

Heres some stuff from today and yesterday:

some life drawing these are the only decent ones I got :( trying for value with charcoal

Compositions studies:

Asaro head with values, trying to match the values of the photo but was off +/- 5-10 for most of the panels, also some poor attempt at blending.

Getting tried so did some doodles, gotta long ways to go :P

Remember it's about the journey not the destination!

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Thanks Jonny, have to find happiness in the process and journey as well :)

Asaro heads, the regular one is such a bear so many more lines than the memorised version on the right, didn't notice the one on the left has a lip problem, looks like he's smirking.


From Loomis taking his cube figures and trying to turn them in space, really challenging

and some human shape simplification

Yesterdays stuff. started with more gestures:

Head studies and trying out expressions by copying them out and turning the head trying to redraw the expression, tough to keep it on model and recognisable as Pinocchio :P

and to PS for value studies, looks like im staying too in the middle not enough of the darkess and lights values.

OK more from Friday and saturday.
Gestures and hand study:

Saw a planes of the head and tried copying it out, have to improve on values still more practice!
then tried applying it to more faces but didn't turn out so good :P

Then at class we had drawing from a cast and rendering values with vine charcoal, which was a lot more fun than I expected, didn't get far in the rendering but makes it look more mysterious!

Back again, more gestures and arm studies:

And also taking a character and posing her out,
orignal character is from the amazing Peque
think i did ok the posing out was fun to do, but have to get more strict with staying on model for the next try by taking measurements.

Did my drawing shoulder in yesterday so mostly spent it resting, but the soreness is mostly gone now, so no lasting damage, gotta be more active and looking into yoga to try out in the morning.
Only did a gesture page, this time of UFC fighters:

Hey Richie, keep up the hard work, getting the fundamentals down will pay off . If I can suggest something, try painting edge over edge instead of painting one edge until it meets another. It can help you avoid choppy transitions.

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