Would you like to come up and see my etchings?
Hi guys. i just started drawing again regularly early 2013 as a new years resolution. Its the first resolution I've actually gotten this far with so Im pretty excited.

Heres some poorly photographed tradition stuff. This first ones a study from the artsy fartsy film The Seventh Seal (-_- )ノ

Heres some studies from one of my favorite childrens books Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

And heres a memory drawing I did from an intensely vivid nightmare I had as a child after glancing through aforementioned book.

Heres some anatomy studies ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Heres some self portraits which are my very first digital drawings. Still working on my line quality. I just have a little ass bamboo fun but I'm thinking of upgrading to an Intuos medium when I have the money so I'll have a little more breathing room. Im really use to drawing on jumbo sized sketch pads.

This is a color study from the movie Ravenous.

And this is the result of a rare occasion when creativity actually meets execution.

This ones a sketch taken partially from a sketch by Kim Jung Gi who does a lot of these really cool extreme perspective drawings.

Dude you shouldve joined a couple of days earlier , you wouldve been great to join in during halloween

Good work here

My Sketchbook (do help me out)

And if your rather curious on some older stuff here's my deviantart

Thanks Greatdictator! I joined on Halloween but didnt get around to posting this the same night.

Heres some rough value studies I did recently.

Been working on drawing with pen traditionally to improve my line work and increase my visual library which is practically nonexistent.

I've been studying from Loomis as well to try and get better at drawing figures from imagination.

Also been working on gesture, mannequization and landmarks of the body.

Heres some imagination stuff

keep up your studies dude !!

Yea I know kikindaface, I need to keep working. I formed a habit now to draw at least a couple hours each day. I feel weird if I dont at least do that much. Gonna keep pushing myself to increase that. Feel free to crit anything here. Believe me you wont hurt my feelings because I have no feelings (。・_・。)

Forgot to post these armor studies earlier.

Moar sketches!

Last night I had a few brewskies and pumped out some 30 second gestures and 2 minute form studies. Was a lot of fun and challenging. I think I learned somethings from it as well.

After the figure studies I did this from imagination to apply what I learned. The 2 figures at the top right were before the figure studies so it gives you a little before and after.

i can see you work a lot, thats great! mean you are on the right track, keep pushing and try do sketches as much as you can. Be careful at line and try not to hurry. Cheers!

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Thanks Lex, Im trying to focus on my lines more. I've been exclusively using pen to sketch to force myself to think more before putting down a stroke. I should have some more sketches posted tomorrow. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my stuff and commenting!

Big upload today. I have to wait till its a clear day to photograph my sketch book outside for good lighting. You'll have to disregard the fold on most of my pages since its a shitty sketch book that I had to fold in order to keep the pages from falling out. I've been doing mostly 30 and 60 second gestures so nothing too exciting. I had a few pages of just left handed circles and lines that I decided to spare anyone from looking at haha! Just trying to burn through this sketchbook with the shitty binding that falls apart.

Theres my massive upload that took all morning... Now back to drawrrring shtuuuuuff!!!

very huge amount of stuff, impressive ! But like Lex_paul said, try to take your time ! you have a good understanding of values pattern in a composition, and gestures ain't bad ! but you fail at construction, so take your time to really understand what you're drawing ! a good tip is to find the corner between the different sides of your structure, then you'd know what fits on the front side, left side, etc !

Thanks man! You're so right, my construction needs a lot of work. I've always been the type to draw from feeling rather than knowledge if you get what I mean. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to keep that in mind.

yeah, i know what it is to draw from feeling rather than knowledge, i used to do that, drawing, letting the pencil run on the page, while having the mind wandering, but it's not a good thing ! when you're running out of ideas, you could draw some shapes mindlessly, and when you see something out of those shapes, turn your brain on and draw with focus and thinking !

I've tried that technique in the past but never found it to work for me. Usually I just see a face and end up drawing a crappy looking face. I need to work on increasing the things that I can draw from memory before I can do that I think.

Just some gesture pages from yesterday and one from imagination.

Hello! That's some intense imagination right there man, that first image you did really has that surreal, twilight zone vibe to it.

You're pretty much headed the right direction - in fact it looks like you're aleady thinking in 3D and getting better with each post! Just remember to keep honing your fundamentals, those really give you the best mileage in terms of improvement. (Oh and by fundamentals I mean things like understanding perspective, basic forms, proportion, draftsmanship, etc. Those are good to start with I feel)

Good luck, and keep pushing ahead!

Hi LongJh, thanks for commenting. Im glad to hear you think my gestures are paying off. I've definitely been trying to stick to my fundamentals. And I assume you're referring to the painting of the insect people. Its mostly copied from a photo reference except for the insect heads. I really like the film noir style and want to do more with it eventually.

Loving your gestures and studies but one thing you should work on is perspective

maybe try deconstructing things into basic shapes?

but overall you're on the right track keep it up! (:

Got another big upload today. I've been attempting to think more about vanishing points with my gestures. I have been slacking a bit and not not doing much else but my 3 gesture pages per day.

I've noticed that I'll do a drawing I like one day and be really excited about drawing but then the next day I'll feel like I cant think of anything good. I try to just push through it because theres always another drawing down the road that'll give me that boost in confidence.


There it is! Was starting to question if I should continue with the gestures everyday but now I think I can feel it starting to pay off. Also started doing dynamic sketching which I already feel a little difference after doing 7 or so pages of it in one night. Any advice on what other exercises I could try would be great!

[Image: awesome.jpg]

That's a lot of work and there's a lot of improvement! In a such short period of time... wow...
For that, here's the alot for you :)
[Image: yTcbW.png]

I know a little "hack" that will help you with dynamic sketching. Observe a place few centimeters ahead of the place you currently are with your hand. Don't know how it relate to the way that brain interprets information from the eyes, but for me, it works great. What's more, try drawing from your arm, not from your wrist. And support your arm really firmly against the desktop. Be confident and comfortable with your arm placement and movement. It will improve your lines and elipses a lot!

It's a somewhat solitary existence, a bit like a lighthouse keeper throwing a beam out into the darkness, in faith that this action might help someone unseen.

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