Bloodsports 7 Reborn - Windwaker Remake

Created by: Dan Warren

This challenge is focusing on the power of art direction and what it can do for intellectual property. After the overwhelming success of nintendo's Ocarina of time, the eventual follow up, Windwaker, was released. whether one likes or dislikes the game, its impossible to ignore the effect the drastic shift in art direction had on its international sales and reception. many people argued it was 'too childish', while others refused to even play it. and all due to art direction. We're not saying the design for Windwaker was bad by any means <3.

Your challenge is to pretend you got the job to take the series in a new direction! however, you cant do whats been done before, or whats been done since. take one of the most recognized franchises in gaming to a new place!


- Must contain all 3 of the series' standby characters. Zelda, Ganon, and Link.

- image must contain Nautical themes! though you are altering the visual style of the game, the plot and world settings remain the same! oceans!

- Images MUST be planned on a horizontal! you can choose one of two options! split vertical images with separate vertical front and back designs, OR a unified, WRAPAROUND illustration, designed compositionally to work as two separate pieces when split down the middle. (EXAMPLES AND TEMPLATES BELOW)

- Leave room for TEXT! the title logo on the frontside as well as room for a paragraph size description on the back!

While this contest IS a type of fanart, you CANNOT use the art direction of windwaker or the other zelda entries! the challenge is to take it somewhere bold and new, just as nintendo tried to do at the games release! consider markets, thoughtful design, and visual themes!

so DONT look like THESE!

[Image: The%20Wind%20Waker%20Front%20Large.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3260.preview.JPG]

- Studies must be provided and must be relevant to the character design and elements used in the illustration. COMPOSITIONAL SKETCHES are also REQUIRED with studies in order to be eligible!


Been waiting a long time for this one. Same deal as always. No harsh deadlines or anything, just enter if you can and see how you go. This will be a lot easier for fans of the Zelda franchise, but it's pretty easy even if you are not.

Looks like I hopped on Crimson Daggers at the right time! I may join in over the next week and two or more depending on time.

What do you mean by planned on horizontal? Will the finished piece be a turnaround for the 3 characters? Or more like the pics you have posted there?

Your "(EXAMPLES AND TEMPLATES BELOW)" are not there? :(

Sorry for all the questions, my first time participating and wanna do my best!

Haha you're right.
Sorry, I copied and pasted from the original post and it must have left the pics..

Heres the examples. First is a two part horizontal

[Image: dvd-cover-art-1.jpg]

and this is the wrap around

[Image: Fables_1001_Nights_of_Snowfall_000.jpg]

The goal is to make the cover for the game, not necessarily turnarounds. By all means do some turn arounds too, but I am not sure that you'll be able to fit it all into the time frame. But if you want to spend extra time on it too you can. After all, this is portfolio image based building.

mostly research and compositional stuff thus far. Today is studies

Want to go with a gears of war design feel with a comic style rendering. Will I succeed? Doubtful..

Attached Files Image(s)

Jaik: I like the idea of Ganondorf on the back, the way you did it in 2, (looking towards the inside of the image). Like he's watching her from behind. Compositionally 2 works better than the one you enlarged though, with both on the ship and the diagonal setup (I think). They are both fine though. 7 (left/back page) would also make for a nice back cover which is a bit simpler, working with strong shape and color only.

Started out with some Brom master studies for composition (and color, but they are not really relevant here):

trying to figure out what style I want to go for - disney/cheerful, comic/realism, or painterly were among my options. So far, I think I'll go for the second option, because I think it would fit the franchise and would be a nice challenge to try out.

Thumbnails will follow later when I cleaned them up a bit.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
BrOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! studies all the way. Never a bad idea

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monkeybread: I agree :D Not sure how much they helped for this piece, but in general, Brom's colors, values and composition are just brilliant.

Thumbnails (had some more diverse ones, but they are too messy to show..)

will go with this one:

style test, I am going to follow this tutorial and see where it takes me.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
these look freaking
so far

Keep em coming, get them creative juices flowing-!
hoping to actually joiiiiinnn on this one (she says for the millionth time lolololo
But srsly)

sketchbook | pg 52

I'll be back - it's an odyssey, after all
Smrr: You better! We shook on it!!!!

Looking good as always Lyra :P

Heres mine, not much progress :( Its going slow due to lack of time. But I have worked out some simple 3D in an attempt to speed up my work flow.

Attached Files Image(s)

smrrfette: yeeesss! join us! more people, more fun! :)

Jaik: Speed doesn't matter as much as learning something, and if you can incorporate some of your 3d stuff you're doing at the moment, all the better! I'm curious how you're going to make all that fit together in the end :D

I continued doing the lines, and color flats. Took me quite a while but I hope keeping everything clean will pay off in the end. Not 100% sure how to go on with the colors now, I want it to look dramatic, but the orange/red evening sky of C makes absolutely no sense with the light source coming from behind the viewer. So maybe I'll go with somethign like D, one strong light source from the right and pushing warm/cold color contrast. The value thumbnails were kind of a failed attempt.

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Every feedback is appreciated!
I did shadows and highlights today, couldn't restrain myself and now it looks all colorful and flashy, I hope to tone that down a bit in the end. Next I'll add some rim lights, fix the background.

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Every feedback is appreciated!

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Every feedback is appreciated!
Nice work Lyraina! I can totally see that as a cover for the game! One suggestion I have... if you imagined it folded up and actually on a game cover, Ganondorf would be right in the center of the back cover. It'd be more interesting if it was shifted over to the left or right.

Unfortunately I had no time to enter this... too many excuses and working on other stuff. I also found a new job that eats up my day. :(

Here is what I DO HAVE though... a quick Zelda paint I did while thinking of what I would've done for the actual challenge.


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