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Great stuff here, keep experimenting with values !

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thanks man :)

[Image: NU4KZRI.jpg]

[Image: v9Lv1j8.jpg]
small update :

[Image: Mc33TsL.jpg]

[Image: LjKvjz8.jpg]

[Image: 0Yweytg.jpg]

[Image: HdGMMgx.jpg]

[Image: dn26Gzr.jpg]

[Image: gbPSVu9.jpg]
Hey man! That asaro head is looking really precise, great observational skills! The environments are looking great too! remember you can add some cool colours into shadow areas too to push the realism. Keep rocking ^^

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Omg i'm really impressed by your last update. Nice improvement.

As always sorry for my english :D
Thanks guys :)


[Image: VVOCQHz.jpg]

[Image: M7ORbRv.jpg]

[Image: xbH4FTm.jpg]

[Image: 5EqPFJm.jpg]

[Image: LvKYjET.png]

[Image: 1aVv6yM.jpg]

[Image: eJOvoeH.png]

[Image: zbqMPnj.png]
Nice sketchbook, I really enjoy the works you upload. I think in the more roundish forms it would be nice to use the soft round with no opacity. Whiteout edge control the images look anatomical and correct for sure, but at the same time they have the graffiti stencil feel to them.

I hope I don't sound arrogant giving this advice, I'm saying it with all my respect :)

Thanks for the crits :)

[Image: 6I467Tu.png]

[Image: WcXbMPk.gif]

[Image: HCLnVCt.png]

[Image: Rg9B1Rw.jpg]

[Image: kSMmKaC.jpg]

[Image: 5WS0XuE.jpg]

[Image: 7Tw6quY.jpg]

[Image: IOvi3Ku.jpg]

[Image: 8nNxkF2.jpg]

[Image: sNY2yPF.jpg]

[Image: CDDJ8dp.jpg]

[Image: DBISgsM.jpg]

[Image: keErtWn.jpg]
New Stuff

[Image: yorke-york-final.jpg?1464989103]

[Image: 403zHuT.jpg]

[Image: yorke-york-artstation.jpg?1468845602]

[Image: FFkJsG3.jpg]

[Image: yorke-york-soldier-of-fortune.jpg?1472212181]

crits welcome
Hey man, looking good in here on those studies. Looks like you're really trying to get a handle on your portraits, yeah? Maybe instead of just painting those Asaro heads, you can try to memorize the planes of the more simplified side so that it becomes repeatable from memory. I think that would give you a better method for constructing your heads when you don't have the reference.

Whatever you do, keep working hard :).
Really nice work on the latest studies and sketches! Loved that monkey ecape retro game thing!

Just watch our for the overall construction with both your faces and you overall anatomy.
Great improvement throughout the thread, your values have improved alot and the brush strokes on your portraits look much more confident. Keep on posting :)


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