Hey guys, i'm making this thread primarely for painting journey where i will post my studies... Will try to keep this on daily basis, time is too precious and it's now or never. Any suggestion, critique or whatthefuckeva is appreciated! :)

Color to Greyscale Study
time: 1hour
brush: hard round brush + smudge tool
focus: values

Question: Does anyone know brushset, that would allow me to reach that painterly look of the overall image that was used as reference?

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Color Study
time: 40-50min
brush: hard round
focus: reference>color wheel>brush stroke

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Hey there, welcome to the forums

These ones are good! They're free too. Just be careful with them, if you're not careful they can look like shit lol.

Also I think you should mix up your exercises, master studies are good but it's best to study from life and/or photos so you can make your own interpretations of things. The problem with studying from other's art is that you're filtering the image two times instead of one (once through their eyes, again through yours), so you might be missing crucial information that they had that helped them make educated guesses about where to be painterly and where to be more accurate. You can be as loose and expressive as you want, but it will look better if you learn how to interpret things yourself first! Either by learning how to do it realistically and then being loose, or if you prefer you can try to be loose all the time

Hello and welcome to the forum

Just a question what is it you want out of making these exercises?
Light and Value?

That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stranger.
Hey man, thanks!! The brushes look sweet, will try them today.

There is much that's need to be done, the whole digital feels weird for now and i need to accommodate. Want do stuff step by step slowly until i'll gain the confidence in seeing things so that my mind wont jump from one idea to another and i'll get exhausted - discouraged and thus will lose the focus. My idea is, doing things separately first and combining them in one long piece at a time.

Separated Focus:
Color - Color (Reference > Colorwheel > Brushstroke)
Approach: Doing it loosely by focusing only at reference color spot, trying to think where does the color spot fit beetwen the 12 colors (Orange, Red-orange, Red..) next aksing about the value using squinting and lastly saturation)

Color - Greyscale (Reference > Colorspot > Squint > Valuescale > Brushtroke)
Approach: Doing it loosely by focusing only at reference color spot, squinting for seeing better the value, making a brushstroke.

Greyscale - Color (Reference > Greyspot > Picking a color related to value > Brushtroke)
Approach: Doing it loosely by focusing only at reference grey spot, picking a color from colorwheel in that value range and making brustroke.

Note: I've never done this type of study..

Approach: Right now i dont know how should i do these type of studies.. probably by doing it with a) Color (later, once i get good with values?) and b) Value. Overall focus would be about lightsource and forms? e.g. "light and form principle"

Note: I've never done this type of study..

Combined Focus:
Longstudies: Copying the whole reference by using all the skills, switching the ideas while painting the whole, so the brain accommodate. Can be full-color or value.

Selfportrait: Straigh-forward..
Note: I've never done this type of study..

The Refences can be 3D (Observing From Life) or 2D (Looking at flat images, jpeg, photos, etc..)

Painting from mind:
Biggest mothefuka and pain in ass, but probably the best place to learn and understand.

This way for now is what should i do for maybe 2-3 months and see how things will turn out.

Full study in greyscale

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Thumbs for imagination piece lol :p

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More or less i dont know what i'm doing. So far i didn't used any reference instead the idea from chosen thumbnail. I'm starting to feel i will soon get to a point where i will freeze and probably reference will be needed to progress further.

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Could't paint today, atleast had the opportunity to draw sumthin from reference..

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i've moved to a new place, hope to find more time and do stuff more seriously :>

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Something different for today.
The key subject is pretty confusing right now >.>

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Nice studies man! I'm already seeing some improvement here.

Aether Technician: Thankyouuuuuuu!

Analyzing and reminding myself that everything we see is form in perpsecive, round equal square..

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huuuuuuuh :-O

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wow nice work. You really know what you're doing haha. Keep it up!

As always sorry for my english :D
Hello :) i hope so lol.. thanks!

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Sumthin different :D..

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Man, I love your approach on studying! You're doing it right for sure :) Hard-core stuff, and I'm a sucker for those. Your pencil stuff is awesome, too! Keep doing what you're doing, it will all translate to digital real soon.

A note on the brush stuff: painterly brushstrokes, need a painterly brush. Or texture brush. Basically any brush that can simulate a real oil painting brush for example. But watch out for those, because if you don't know what you're doing (like, ehm, I don't a lot of the times) it might mess up your edges. Some of the best brushes around imo though are Jama Jurabaev's brushes.

Thanks Minksy! No worries mate, dont hurry and take your time. Looking at your stuff i'm sure you will be soon there and hardcore mode will be yours!

Will check the brushes!

Tryed for first time greyscale to color study and it was pretty hard because of the colors i was picking wihtout any rules and i can see it's very LSD rather Harmonic :) fun, but very weird. Definitely will do more of this type study, i should also start doing studies in acrylics and try to copy some masters in this type of medium to actually really mix colors. I need to start do alot of stuff jeez :D

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I must admit your studies are very interesting, I see your passion to learn and to understand. When in other artists when they are studying you can see the boredom for studying in their sketchbooks. Very interesting all across your thread. I really like color studies and of course I can't wait for you to finish that color wheel you are working on! I will have to agree with Aether that there is improvement here. :)


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