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This week: Creature of the Week! (CROW)

Little Akashi picked up a branch and with all the bravery he could muster approached the rustling foliage to investigate, shushing his little sister to be quiet. Before he could prod, a large mass of fur bounded out of the shadows and landed gleefully before them. They shrieked and began to run until they realized they had come across the gentle spirit of these woods: the Toroto.

Your task: Design the Toroto, the gentle forest creature.

  • No Humanoids or Human-like creatures
  • No plants
  • No blob-like masses with no shape
  • No 1:1 copies of existing animals
  • Photo textures, 3D, and traditional mediums are allowed.
  • Studies are recommended, but not required.
  • There is no restriction on image formats (horizontal, vertical, square).
  • Environment backgrounds are optional.
  • Keep in mind you are not required to strictly stick to what is in the passage. It is more of a guide in terms of mood.
  • You must post at least one WIP in the WIP thread to be accepted into the final poll.
  • Most of the Creature must be visible
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline.
  • Only ONE final entry please.
  • Sketches, WIPs, or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll.
  • No fanart. We want to see your original, unique interpretations!
  • Have fun!

Deadline is Sunday, April 19 @10pm GMT

yeah i'm in xD i already have something creepy in mind.


[Image: 25ez23b.jpg]

forgot to post a wip here!

My initial idea was something like a mix between a grizzly bear, totoro and a honey badger.
For the creature personality, think something like a forest animal on crack who goes around town at night stealing underwear. xD


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